our first flood

Last Wednesday morning I let Sherman out in the backyard like I do every morning. Two minutes later I was sticking my head in the fridge to see what in the world Porter and I could have for breakfast (we ended up going with no-bake peanut butter cookies) when I heard Sherm already barking at the door. Well, that's strange. No sniffing the grass? No chasing squirrels? No running around like a crazy dog for fifteen minutes? Nope, there he was, ready and willing to come back inside.

It wasn't eight seconds after I let Sherm in when it started to rain. And I mean RAIN. Dogs just know things, don't they? So for the next couple of hours, Sherman, Porter and I played hide-n-seek around the house (Sherm's favorite) and got out every single train and block and book we could find to keep us busy while stuck indoors.

Eventually Porter and I made our way down to the basement to switch up the laundry and play with some different toys. I was pretending to be Elmo with my very best Elmo impersination voice when I noticed a dark puddle under Porter's little coloring table. It took me a minute (it always does) before I realized what was happening. I looked in another corner. Water. I looked in a third corner. Water. OH MY GOSH our basement has water in it! 

I immediately called Dan, who was probably in some extremely important business meeting. But luckily I'm more important than those silly business meetings, so I immediately heard his voice on the other end.

What's up?
Dan, ummm, our basement kind of seems to be flooding.
Yes, flooding.
Well, where's the water coming from? 
I dunno.
Well, can you look around and see if you can tell? 
Sure. One sec. Yep, still dunno.
Ok, can you go upstairs and look out the sunroom and see if the gutters might be clogged?
Sure. One sec. Uhh, I dunno.
Well, go back downstairs and see if you can see anything now.
Ok. Nope. Still dunno. OH WAIT. There's a hole in the wall!
Ok, is it coming from a concrete wall or a drywall? Did a pipe break? 
Umm ... OH MY GOSH a pipe broke!
It did?!
Well, the water is coming from the concrete wall under the window.
Then a pipe didn't break, Tiff. There aren't pipes in the concrete walls.
Oh. Whew.
Go grab some towels and try to stop the water. Try to keep it away from the drywall. 
*Five minutes later*
Umm, Dan?
Yes, Tiff.
Water is now gushing out from the windows. All of the windows. Like, umm, GUSHING.
Long story short, our basement flooded for the very first time in eight years. I'm blaming the itty bitty hole in the wall that is the size of an ant. Dan's blaming the fact that we had one of the wettest Mays in history. Or maybe he's blaming me. ;) Luckily, although we did recently "finish" our basement, our kind of "finish" consists of painting concrete walls and floors, and adding some sheetrock and doors here and there. So although still a mess to clean up, I have to admit that it was pretty easy and cheap to fix. Double thumbs up for concrete basements!

And while we're trying to be "glass half full" kind of people ...
wouldya look at how pretty our hydrangeas are?
Way to go, rain!