I might mention the words "placenta" and "vbac" in this post, beware boys

Well, I am officially 20 weeks pregnant. How is that even possible? This is only my second bump picture in 20 weeks. I think I took 1,923 by the time Porter had cooked for 20 days. Second babies are so different, aren't they? I mean, I can honestly say I forget I'm even pregnant 89% of the time. That has a lot to do with the fact that I'm chasing a toddler around trying to get wine corks out of his hands (don't judge). But it also has to do with the fact that ... I've done this. I've been through this. And this time it's not as scary or time-consuming or anything like that. It is more relaxing and quite frankly, more fun.

Around this time two years ago, we were getting ready to find out if we would be having a baby girl or baby boy the first time around. For those who don't know, we had a boy! ;) But this time, Dan decided he would rather not find out before hand. I decided that I did, indeed, still want to know. So I told everyone that Dan and I were going to compromise ... and find out. But then neither of us would budge (big surprise), so we decided that I could find out and try my best to keep a little secret from my husband, who, by the way, says I am the world's worst liar. And he's right. So I was practicing my lying skills during my 18 week ultrasound when my sonographer asked me the big question. "Want to know the sex?" I chickened out. I decided I would rather Dan and I find out together. So, here we sit at 20 weeks wondering if Porter and Sherman will have another brother. Or a baby sister. We'll probably find out at our next appointment. :)

So the only other thing that's been going on is me cursing my placenta once again. Remember how mad I got at my placenta when pregnant with Porter? No? Well, with Porter, I had an anterior placenta, which just means that I had trouble feeling any movement with Porter. It ended up being kind of awesome because I got about 14 extra ultrasounds because of it. Buuuut, I was still mad at that silly placenta. So now, with this babe, I'm still talking about placentas. Sorry for your luck. But this time it's just a tad more serious because I have placenta previa. The good news is it's still early; we are hoping that this second silly placenta stops being so stubborn and moves out of the way. If not, it could mean a second C-section for us. Definitely not the end of the world. And if it does move? Welllll, then we are hoping to attempt a wonderful and challenging and painful VBAC. My doctor thinks I'm a good candidate for VBAC since Porter tried to fly out of me butt first in a little under three hours. Goodness that kid wanted to meet his big brother Sherman. I don't blame you, P. I don't blame you one bit.

So, cheers to halfway through the second!
I'll keep you updated on high-maintenance fetus number dos.
In two years, when I write a post about having baby fever again ... 
please just tell me to get another dog.