get ready hose

A couple of evenings ago, I was in the kitchen doing something extremely productive. No, I wasn't cooking. But I was probably cleaning or making a grocery list or pondering the meaning of life. Or maybe I was looking at Instagram. Tomayto Tomahto. So I was in the kitchen and the boys were outside. And suddenly I heard the sweetest little giggles come from the front yard. And then those sweet little giggles turned into snort-filled laughter. And the snort-laughing eventually turned into happy shrieks and screams. I grabbed my camera and headed out to see what in the world daddy was up to. Only dads can make little boys laugh like that. :) And this is what I saw ...
It was finally hot enough and Porter was finally old enough to experience his very first
"get good and soaked by the water hose and laugh until you pee" good ole time.
And with a smile like that?
No doubt that ole hose will have a very busy summer.