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Okay, time to put a little pause on the essential oils recipe making. It's kind of like cooking, don't ya think? Hey! Look at me. I'm cooking! And Dan is snorting. I am only putting a pause on the recipes because the next several are recipes that can be applied to your skin, which is one way our family loves to use essential oils. And if you are going to apply oils to your skin (topically) or ingest them (internally), I always recommend making sure that the essential oils you are using are pure and natural. If you buy a $1.50 bottle of Lemon oil on sale at the store and use it in your multi-surface cleaner, I'm guessing you'd be just fine. However, I definitely don't recommend using just any ole bottle of essential oil to apply topically or ingest internally. That scares me.

When I first discovered essential oils, I had no idea that not all oils are safe to consume or use on kiddos. Furthermore, several oils that are sold in supermarkets have been found to be either diluted or comprised of a variety of ingredients that will not give you the same health benefits as a pure oil product. Since learning this (I'm a slow learner), I have done a lot of research and there are really only a couple of companies out there that I would ever recommend getting your oils from.

We chose to use Young Living oils. Why? Because they give you free stuff when you buy their starter kit. Okay, so that's not why we chose them. But you do get a really good deal when you buy oils with YL. We chose Young Living because of their amazing seed to seal company. Meaning they plant, cultivate, distill, test, and seal the product resulting in a product that is genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and unmatched in purity. Not to mention their strong history and incredible people. In addition, the Young Living resources, to help you learn along the way, are like no other. I will be sure to share these resources with you soon. They have been so helpful in our quest to understand essential oils.

I know several of you are excited to get started with essential oils (hence this lengthy email, and only one picture?! what?!) and have already emailed questions regarding the premium starter kit. I always recommend purchasing one of these amazing starter kits (which is how our family got started) as a way to begin your journey with essential oils. Using just the oils from this kit, I could probably come up with 50 ways they have helped our family; from cleaning our home and purifying the air, to helping resolve skin issues, to aiding in sleep and relaxation. In the past several months, we have used the oils in our starter kit for teething, cuts and scrapes, burns, headaches, coughs and congestion, immunity boosting, morning sickness, and even anti-stretch marks. If you truly want to hear all 50, just email me. ;)

So here's the scoop. The kit contains 11 bottles of essential oils that support, maintain and promote these systems of your body: Muscular and skeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, nervous and immune. In addition, you will receive sample packets of additional oils, empty sample vials in case you want to share with friends, a user guide for each of the oils AND best of all ... this kit includes a diffuser of your choice (DewdropHomeBamboo or Aria). These diffusers are truly amazing and I have since donated my first diffuser because once you try a Young Living diffuser, nothing will compare. The 11 essential oils included in the premium starter kit are considered to be "everyday oils" and they truly are. We use them every single day and I will continue posting recipes using these specific oils over on my oils page. The eleven oils are:

For those interested in ordering oils, simply go here and sign up as a "member." My member ID is 2580523 and should already be plugged in. Or, if your mom introduced you to Young Living first, by all means, plug in her number. I don't want your mama coming after me. :) Becoming a "member" gives you a one year membership with 24% off retail pricing on your future orders, it does not mean that you have to sell anything or meet any monthly requirements. Trust me, I did my research when signing up. You will then fill out some personal information and select the premium starter kit of your choice. And wait for your oils to arrive. <-----  By far the most painful part. :)

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