essential oils // getting organized

Ahhh. My two favorite topics combined in one post.
I am in heaven right now you guys.
Oils and organization? Yes please!

I definitely think organization can help when it comes to oils. After getting your hands on a starter kit, you will have 11 pretty little bottles of powerful essential oils + one diffuser. So what in the world do you do with them? Technically, the 11 oils and diffuser are all you need to get started. One thing I love about the Young Living premium starter kit is that this particular starter kit sets you up for your essential oil journey. No need to buy 90 more oils or additional diffusers or anything else. This kit alone will allow you to get started with essential oils.

However, if you do have a couple of pennies to spare, I always recommend a few additional items to help with learning about and using essential oils. First, resources. I already mentioned back here, but two items that I just don't think I could live without are my Ref Guide For Essential Oils app and my Gentle Babies book. These are two amazing resources that I purchased immediately after getting my starter kit and I am so glad that I did.

Also, if you plan to make your own concoctions (medicines, cleaning supplies, beauty products, etc.) using your essential oils, I would recommend purchasing some glass bottles and jars to store your precious (cheap) concoctions. Using glass for essential oil storage is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. Although diluted oils are usually okay in plastic for a short amount of time, undiluted essential oils should never be stored in plastic containers, as some properties in many essential oils will break down the plastic, which can destroy the oil and often cause leakage. Furthermore, dark amber glass helps protect the contents from potentially damaging UV light. Plus, they're pretty!

I use the following four types of glass bottles to make all of our essential oil recipes, from multi-surface cleaners, to disinfecting sprays, to diaper rash cream and teething relief for Porter. I will continue to post essential oil recipes that have helped our family over on my oils page, and nearly all of these recipes use oils that are already included in your starter kit. Amazing.
1. Large spray bottles, 16 oz (Amazon)
2. Small spray bottles, 2 oz (Amazon)
3. Roller bottles, 10 ml (Amazon)
4. Beauty jars, 2 oz (Amazon)

So .... what in the world do you put in these glass bottles? Well, oils of course. But typically only a few drops (a little goes a long way with oils!). Depending on the recipe, you might choose to have some additional items ready to go. The following items are the only items I buy in order to make ALL of our essential oil recipes. I buy nothing else, nada! Plus, baking soda and distilled water and vinegar and alcohol cost like 50 cents total. So the only thing I spend my money on is a carrier oil (we use coconut oil) for topical application to the skin. And the coconut oil lasts forever. I use raw coconut oil for my beauty jar recipes and fractionated (liquid) coconut oil for my roller bottle recipes, as raw coconut oil wouldn't be able to get through those silly roller bottles. Easy peasy!
1. Distilled water (Target)
2. Distilled vinegar (Target)
3. Rubbing alcohol (Target)
4. Witch hazel (Target or Amazon)
5. Raw coconut oil (Target or Amazon)
6. Fractionated coconut oil (Amazon)
7. Baking Soda (Target)

And finally, if you are OCD cool like me and want to really get organized, consider finding or purchasing something to store your essential oils in. They like being together and love having a place to call home.
I just went with a cheap wooden spice rack I found on sale at Target. I keep all of our little bottles here and store them on a shelf in our kitchen, next to some of our homemade essential oil concoctions. Of course some people prefer to hide their oils in a cabinet or drawer. But I've found that if I keep them out in the open, I tend to actually use them when I need them, and it just makes life easier. Kind of like keeping food out on my kitchen counters. Opening a door when you need something fast is just too dang hard.

After all of this organization talk, I think I'll go color-coordinate my sock drawer.
Really, I am totally normal.
I'll just keep reminding you of this.

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