a newborn lab puppy dog baby

Apparently my sister-in-law played a little joke on me. She played the "here's a newborn, see if you can handle it" joke. Not a real newborn. But a puppy lab. And if you've ever had a puppy lab, you understand why I feel comfortable comparing the two. Of course, they are different in many ways. But the sleep deprivation is pretty much identical.

Our sweet little (big) nephew Zeus stayed with us last night. Around 10pm, after five straight hours of running sprints outside with his big Cousin Sherman, we brought the dogs in and told Zeus to lay down. Around 10:30pm Zeus was still spinning circles in the living room, so we all headed to bed without him. At 10:45pm Zeus started barking at the car doors opening and closing across the street. At 11:37pm Zeus started barking at the dishwasher. At 12:02am Zeus decided it would be fun to go back outside and pee. Because that's just what you do at midnight after you've barked at the dishwasher for 15 minutes. At 1:45am I heard Zeus get up and try to lay with Sherman on his bed in our room. Sherman said no. And at 3:07am Zeus thought it was 9:00am. It was not. At 5:00am Zeus said good morning to Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan said "%<|\>,€£*." And at 5:57am Zeus said good morning to everyone and I said "oh the heck with it" and went outside to play fetch in my pajamas.

The other thing that is comparable between newborn babies and newborn dogs? Newborns trump other borns. Period. I took 82 pictures of Zeus, 12 of Porter and six of Sherman. My camera tended to gravitate toward Zeus for the entire 23 hours he was with us. Oh and yes, I counted the hours. Twenty-three hours, 36 minutes, 57 seconds of "what's that noise? where's my ball? what was that, a bird? ooooh a squirrel!" pure newborn-lab-puppy-dog-baby fun. And really, it was fun.
Come again soon, Zeus!
But maybe let's just do play dates instead of sleepovers?
At least until you're five. And no longer scared of dishwashers.