splish splash

After eight glorious years of washing and drying dishes by hand, Dan finally got me a dishwasher for New Years 2015. Every time I asked for one (which was nearly every day) he would always say something like "sorry Tiff, it's just not possible" or "sorry Tiff, there is absolutely no place to put a dishwasher in our kitchen" or "sorry Tiff, Sherman doesn't like dishwashers." Huh? Liar liar pants on fire. Okay, so in his defense, neither one of us thought a dishwasher in our teeny tiny kitchen could ever be possible. But we did it! We put a little dishwasher in our little kitchen. And I use it, a lot. But yesterday we decided to clean the dishes the old fashioned way. Because on a really random day, sometimes ... just sometimes ... I kind of miss it. Porter decided he wanted to help. By spraying water in my face and throwing bubbles on my flowers. It was messy and loud and a whole lot of fun. We wasted way too much soap and way too much time. But it was well worth it. Thanks for another fun day, P. You are the best boss ever. Now when do I start getting paid?