homemade lavender spray

Lavender Spray

2 oz glass spray bottle
Add 1 teaspoon witch hazel
Add 10-15 drops Lavender essential oil
Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water
Shake a spray!

Oh goodness, lavender. I am obsessed with this oil. If you only had enough pennies to buy one oil and one oil only, I would probably have to recommend my friend, Lav. This was the very first oil that we started out using when Porter was a little tyke. I needed that child to sleep! And since then, we have not only used lavender for calming and sleeping, but also rashes, cuts and scrapes, burns, and even homemade cleaners. We always have Lav on hand. And one great way to make lavender last longer is to make sprays!

Just like our disinfecting spray, we keep four little bottles of lavender spray ready to go in our home. One stays in our kitchen stash of oils for easy access. The second goes in Porter's room- I spray down his bedding before naps and bedtime for extra Zzzzz's. And numbers three and four go in our two bathrooms to keep them smelling flowery fresh. Do you know how liberating it was to get rid of our ugly ole febreze bottles and replace them with cute little amber glass bottles?? Call me crazy (really, do) but it might have just been the highlight of my year. Remember, it's the little things. And these oils truly make life better. And prettier too.

I mentioned loving diffusing oils, and I'll get to some of those recipes (and benefits) soon. But having a great smelling spray, such as lavender spray, on hand is a wonderful way to make your home smell amazing fast. Say a friend stops by unexpectedly and your home smells like a wonderful mix of poopy diapers and wet dog and you don't have time to put water and oil in your diffuser ... just grab your lavender spray bottle and in seconds it'll look (or at least smell) like you've got things under control. That has never happened to me, of course. I'm just speaking hypothetically. But really friends, a little heads up would be helpful. That way I could bake some banana bread or an apple pie or something.
ha. ha. ha.

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