homemade disinfecting spray

Disinfecting Spray

2 ounce glass spray bottle
Add 1 teaspoon witch hazel
Add 10 drops Thieves essential oil
Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water
Shake and spray!

I thought it would be fitting to follow up my trash post with a homemade disinfecting spray. Trash is dirty. Kids are dirty. Kids who like to play with trash are super dirty. So, since Porter and Sherman both love trash, this spray is essential for the Jones family. My label maker was running out of juice so it's now called "germ spray" in our home. But this spray isn't filled with germs, it gets rid of germs. Just wanted to clear that up.

So anti-germ spray, germ spray, disinfecting spray, whatever ... we keep four little bottles filled and ready to go at all times. One bottle gets to hang out with our main "essential oils stash" which is located in the kitchen. I grab that one when I want to spray doorknobs and handles and pretty much anything that gets touched in our home multiple times throughout the day. A second bottle goes in Porter's room, where I spray down his diaper pail daily and his favorite books and blocks. A third bottle is kept in our basement, which is basically a gigantic playroom. Those toys get a good Thieves spray down every now and then, especially before and after we host play dates. So easy and so great! Oh and finally, I keep a fourth bottle in my diaper backpack for easy access when we're out and about. I give a little spray to the shopping carts, the public restrooms, etc., etc., etc. Anything and everything gets some Thieves! And if you know how much a bottle of Thieves costs, you know those are some very lucky toilets. But expensive or not, that little bottle is pure magic. And it lasts forever too. So really you can't call it expensive. Only I can. ;)

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