for the love of trash

I need to apologize to my sweet boy, Porter Gray. I mentioned over here that Porter is a boy of few words. Well, that was true when he could only say three words + "vroom vroom." But now? At 19 months old? Well well well, we have really come a long way (sense the sarcasm). Porter now says mama, dada, dog, duck, yeah yeah, vroom vroom ... and ... "tash." Tash, tash, tash. All the live long day. He probably says "tash" 192 times a day and I am honestly not exaggerating on that. Well, maybe a little. But not much. 

Tash = trash
And Porter loooooves him some trash.

There is no doubt that Porter is cute and does cute things. And I'm his mom, I should know. He is just plain cute. He still puts out those chubby little hands when he doesn't know the answer to something and he still puts down that chubby little finger when he wants you to sit down and play. But probably the cutest thing yet is his obsession with trash.

Porter got a little stuffed bunny rabbit for Easter. I asked him what we should name it. 
I was expecting complete silence because he doesn't talk much.
Without hesitation he said "tash."
Well okay then. Tash the bunny it is!

A couple of weekends ago, when we were at the Royals game, Porter could have cared less about the game. He only wanted to walk around and point at every single trash can in the entire stadium. Forget the super fun kids area filled with super fun kid activities. Forget the carousel with the cute horses. Forget the ginormous putt putt golf course. Forget the incredible baseball field with real life baseball players. THERE WERE TRASH CANS EVERYWHERE. Porter's eyes were the size of silver dollars.

Every single morning, and I mean every single morning, when Porter wakes up, the first word that comes out of his mouth is "tash", as he points to the door in our kitchen that leads to the garage. We open the door and look out at the trash cans and smile and giggle.

Oh and Wednesdays?
Wednesdays are trash days. 
The trash truck (an entire truck!) comes and picks up our trash and then comes back for the recycle bins and then comes around a third time for yard debris. Oh my goodness, Wednesdays you guys. Wednesdays are always good.

Porter's obsession with trash has become quite the joke among our family and friends.
The only thing funnier would be if our dog loved trash too