essential oils // our story

So I'm late to the party. Again. I was six years late to twitter, nearly three to Instagram. I was an embarrassing number of years late to blogging. And here I am, late to oils. You've heard about them, right? Of course you have. Luckily now I have too. I also recently found out that kids change you. Did you know that? Of course you did. Ya'll are way ahead of me. I used to use chlorine-based cleaners all over our house. I loved the smell of bleach. After finding out I was pregnant with Porter, I switched to non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products. And because {store-bought} non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products can break your bank, I now make my own cleaning products using essential oils for a fraction of the price. And speaking of saving money, I used to buy those Bar-S hot dogs because you could get eight dogs for 89 cents. And if I had a coupon, my goodness, they were basically free. Now I spend $8.00 on six hot dogs at Whole Foods (don't tell Dan). And I only give them to Porter on a day when we're fresh out of salmon or chicken or lean beef. Oh, but I still put water in my ranch dressing bottle and steal poop bags, so I figure I'm still saving a good penny here and there.

Our family started using essential oils when Porter was just a wee babe and it was basically love at first smell. And since then I have had numerous friends and family members ask some pretty great questions about oils. I figured this is a great place to post some info for those who are interested. If you have no interest or already use oils and know everything about them, feel free to stop reading and wait for normal lab+baby posting. This shouldn't take long. :)

Here are my top five reasons for using and loving oils ...

Our house smells amazing, no more candles. Saves money!
Emphasis on "saves money!" :) Since becoming a stay-at-home mama, I've noticed that I care a lot more about anything and everything related to our home. Because I am home. All the time. And because I'm home all the time, I want my home to be a happy, relaxing and odor-free place. That can be difficult to accomplish with a toddler and lab. I was buying candles constantly and burning them consistently in order to make our home smell good for the entire day that we were in it. Essential oils have saved us so much money. A couple of drops in a diffuser and our entire house smells like a spa. Not to mention, I don't have to worry about accidentally leaving a candle going for three hours while roaming the aisles of Target. Not that I ever did that. (Dan, I didn't do that)

Our cleaning supplies are so easy and so cheap to make. Saves money!
You'll just have to trust me on this one. Or wait until I post my cleaning recipes and show you how ridiculously cheap and easy it is to make your own cleaning concoctions. Mark my word, you will never ever go back to store-bought cleaning products.

They keep us well, and help us if we're sick.
There is absolutely nothing worse than being sick. Oh wait, yes there is. Your baby being sick is much, much worse. I would do anything, absolutely anything, to make Porter feel better when he's sick. And oils are the easiest, cheapest way to do it. Not to mention, they're safe and natural. Porter used to get bad colds. I mean really bad. His colds would typically last 8-10 days, include ear infections, and sometimes come back for a second round a week later. I am so excited to share the oils and recipes that have helped keep us well or have helped to get us back on our feet quickly if we're down.

The Human Petri Dishes have better skin!
Dan gave Porter his gorgeous blonde baby curls, and his stunning blue eyes. He also gave him his skin issues. Dan was nicknamed "the human petri dish" in high school (don't worry, I laugh too) and when Porter was just a few days old, I knew the Jones family was in for even more skin issues. Dermatitis, eczema, rashes, you name it, Porter had it. Oils have been a lifesaver for both of my little petri dishes.

They make me feel all crunchy inside.
I already use cloth diapers and make my own baby food and we have our own bees (chickens are a recurring topic too) and we compost and recycle and use cloth napkins and wipes. Essential oils were just the next logical step. Well, that and Birkenstocks. :) Honestly though, there is no better feeling than that ole crunchy, green feeling.

I will be posting some of our essential oil recipes we currently use and love, as well as some tips on how to get organized with these crazy things called oils, as I know they can be overwhelming to some in the beginning (both hands raised). And I know what you're thinking, "Oh no, what if I happen to miss an oil recipe or informative post?" Oh, that's totally not what you were thinking? Well, either way, all posts will be linked over to my oils page for easy access.

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