their spot

That ottoman you see there is probably the most beloved, most occupied spot in our entire home. I think we're on our fourth ottoman for that exact spot under the window. The first three were destroyed by Sherman, the baby lab chewer. And now we have this one, our fourth, which is slowly but surely falling to pieces as well. There are dog scratches and food stains and mud marks and the dog hair that accumulates daily is somewhat disgusting. But even so, this is where the brothers spend their time. In the morning, they both hop up there in hopes to see a squirrel, or even better, maybe a bunny. On Wednesdays they both get super excited when the trash truck comes by (three times total!) and every single evening around 5pm, you can find these brothers waiting patiently for daddy to come home. It's just the perfect spot for two boys to be, if you ask me. Far away from any trouble. :)