the sweetest post

I know this counts as "one too many photos" of my son doing the exact same thing in every single picture. But in my defense, he was having a really good hair day. I mean, just look at him. I want to eat him up. He is the sweetest little boy ever. And I can say that now because he's napping at the moment. They are so sweet when they nap. But if you call me at 4pm today, like my mom did yesterday, I will have a different story. I will more than likely say "this kid is driving me craaaaazy", like I said to her. And that's the truth. But then 5pm rolls around, his dad comes home, and I like him again. Well, until 7pm, when he's acting all crazy again and refusing to go to bed. But THEN he goes to sleep for the night and yep, you got it, it's right back to "he's the sweetest little boy evvvvver." Motherhood is so funny. Lots of ups and downs, but thank goodness there are always the ups. And lots of them. 

But I digress.
I'm not talking about motherhood in this post. 
I'm talking about the sweetest thing ever. Besides Porter.

I posted one of these pictures on Instagram the other day and in return, I got about 11 emails asking questions about Dan's bees. Ya'll never email me asking about my clothes or my hair or my recipes (ha! on all of that!) but then I mention Dan's honey in one measly post and the floodgates open. I know my husband is interesting, but geez people, at least pretend like you like me too.

So, here are the questions and here are my answers.
Just in case you want to know more about Dan honey.

How many hives does Dan have?
Good question. I have no idea. We're off to a great start.
Just kidding, I asked him. I actually conducted a full blown "honey bee interview" last night. Dan was thrilled. He started off with two hives and now he has seven. Seven hives of bees! It's a crazy hobby.

How much honey does Dan make? 
Well, there you go again giving Dan all the credit. Dan doesn't make the honey. The bees make the honey. But Dan extracts the honey once a year (late summer, typically August or September, but can vary year to year). He started out getting about five gallons of honey. His last extraction pulled 25 gallons. Seems like a lot huh? He was hoping for 50. But I'll take 25.

Does Dan sell the honey?
Nope, Dan does not sell the honey. He splits it with his dad, who is his bee partner and helps tremendously with the process, and always gives a chunk to his relatives who own the land that the bees thrive on. The father/son bee boys have a blast giving away the honey for free to family and friends. Oh but I have a few bottles that I'd be willing to sell if the price is right. Ha, just kidding. I'd get in trouble. (call me)

Do you eat honey all day long? 
Uhhh. Yep, pretty much. I have some in my morning coffee, and in my yogurt for breakfast. We make granola and cookies with it and drizzle it over grilled salmon. Porter loves it in his oatmeal and I also put it in his smoothies every morning. Dan's the only one who doesn't really eat it by the spoonful. Go figure. But man is it good!

Can I marry Dan?
This one made me snort.
And then I stopped laughing because I decided it wasn't that funny.
You cannot marry my husband.