the point

Porter has this new thing he does. We call it "the point". And you'd better be ready when he does it. The point simply means COME HERE, SIT DOWN BY ME, COME HERE AND SIT DOWN BY ME NOOOW. Because Porter is a boy of few words, the point is very effective for him because we are constantly watching his hand gestures and his body movements to figure out what he means, needs, and wants. You don't know how many times I've been mid-something (mid-phone call, mid-cleaning, mid-cooking [ha, kidding], mid-diaper washing) and looked over to see that chubby little finger pointed down on the ground ... asking me if I can pretty please just stop working and sit down and play. I instantly drop everything I'm doing and walk over to sit next to the sweet boy. Because that CHUBBY LITTLE FINGER. My gosh, it can make you do anything. 
And if you happen to get the entire chubby little hand?
Well, you'd better just go ahead and cancel all your afternoon plans. 
Because you're going to be here a while.
And there is nowhere better to be.