a first haircut

March 21, 2015 marks the day when Porter Gray got his very first haircut. At 17 months old and a mop full of hair, we decided it was time. Every evening, and I mean every evening, for the past five weeks or so, when Dan got home from work, he would scoop Porter up for a hug and kiss and ask "so, did you get a haircut today?" It was hilarious only because when he asked this question, it caused us to truly look at Porter's hair and realize how crazy it was. The curls were not only hiding the back of his neck, but they had now reached the tip of his shoulders. His bangs were not only covering his entire forehead, they had now crept into his eyes and were hiding his ears too. Oh the hair. The hair was starting to have a mind of its own. And if you don't believe me, the following photos were taken the day before the haircut. Please don't call child protective services on us.
But then we told him it was time to go get a haircut.
And Porter (in so many/few words) told us he would rather not go.
So we told him we'd buy him a pony if he went.
And Dan told me he'd buy me ice cream if I didn't cry.
So off we went to sit in toy cars and watch the 'hot dog dance'.
He was so brave. 
And was only called a girl once. :)
Just don't ask me to do it again. 
He can get his second haircut when he's 18.