around our home // spring

So with this new season comes spring decorating. Whoo hoo! Does anyone else look forward to bringing out your seasonal home items as much as I do? No, no. Probably not. Well, you guys just keep going about your fabulous lives and I'll keep rearranging furniture and alphabetizing my spice rack. No really, I love it. Almost as much as Porter loved helping me put away pine cones and fill little vases with flowers. Honestly though, don't feel too sorry for him. My kind of decorating consists of replacing five items and it takes all of 11 minutes to complete. And 11 minutes only because I kept tripping over those dang tennis balls. Thanks for giving mama 11 minutes, Porter and Sherm. Just remember that I played with you for the other 32758 minutes of our day. Or 709 if math is your thing. :) And I loved every second. So without further ado ... our springy things ...
Don't look too close at that window.
We have yet to finish the kitchen.
Our dishwasher still has plastic film on it.
We're taking it slow.
Or maybe we've just given up.
I know that was just thrilling for you.
Don't worry, I'll be sure to post all about our summer decorating in June.
Get excited.
Or maybe find another blog to read. ;)