a new season

Sorrrrry for all the quietness over here. I have a certain toddler who, with the change of weather we've recently had, wants to be outside all day every day. I'm talkin', we wake up and eat breakfast, put our shoes on and we don't walk back inside until it's time for lunch. Then after nap we put on our shoes again and go outside and stay out until the minute it's time for dinner. I'm definitely not complaining, this 70 degree weather just makes sitting down at a computer rather difficult, is all. 

Today it is raining.
So I'm actually going through some pictures for once.
And Porter and Sherman are trying their very best to be nice to each other while being stuck inside. There are tennis balls flying everywhere.

But rain or shine ... we are so very thankful spring is here.
A new season for new adventures.
Let the fun begin!