vroom vroom

At Porter's 15-month checkup (back in January) our pediatrician was flying through her lovely little checklist while I sat there nodding, saying "yup, yup, uh huh" when suddenly she threw me a curve ball and asked "so, is he saying around 5-15 words yet?"

Uhhhhh. Nope.
Try zero words.

"Really? Oh well is he just quiet then?"

Yup, I guess so.
Quiet like his mama and quiet like his daddy.
And brother Sherman doesn't say a whole lot either.
So yes, he is quiet. 

Now, at 16 months, we can kiiiiind of understand "mama" and "dada" and "hi" (with vigorous hand movement, of course) ... and he recently added one more to the list.

Vroom Vroom.
Vroom Vroom.
Vroom Vroom.

All. Day. Long.