love, porter and sherman

On Saturday morning, Porter woke up bright and early and I somehow managed to stumble out of bed with him. We got dressed in our Valentine's Day finest (sweatpants for me, red diaper for him) and drank some milk and played with our newest friends, teddy and the $3.49 heart balloon, which I am still losing sleep over. $3.49! I am never taking Porter to the grocery store again. About an hour later, Sherman decided to come out and join the fun. We were getting kind of bored by this point so we decided to make a Valentine for Dan. I have some adorable stationery and stamps and had tons of fun ideas ... buuuut Porter had plans of his own. He is obsessed with our printer and gets so excited when that little green light turns on. So we jumped on the computer and typed out seven words in 2.1 seconds and printed them on a blank 8x10 piece of printer paper. It's the thought that counts, people.
So here we were, waiting patiently for daddy to get up and come open the door.
But we all know how patient Porter is.
And then Porter's very patient ways started making Sherman nervous.
So I opened the door for them.
Why didn't I just do that to begin with?
We love you, dad!
Porter and Sherman

Again, it's the thought that counts. ;)