five things

Five quick things here:

1. You see Sherman in that last photo, right? Too cute. Until they both jumped up there and ate all of my cinnamon swirl bread. Just kidding. They know better.
2. I made cinnamon swirl bread. Which makes this the second time that I have used my cake stand. Both times for bread. I think Dan might be right, I will probably never bake a cake.
3. But I baked! Let's go back to that, shall we?
4. It snowed. Again. I am getting pretty excited for Spring, not gonna lie. But I'll take the snow. Because I know I'm going to miss it very soon.
5. Snow always causes me to do crazy things like bake. See how I came back to that again? I baked. Yay me!

P.S. (this makes 6.) Crazy curly miiiight be getting a haircut soon. But that's what I said last week. And the week before that. And the week before that. So we shall see.