porter on the move

This crazy kid took his very first steps on New Years Day. He was nearing 15 months at the time and we were all getting pretty anxious for him to start walking. He took two steps from me to his daddy and we all squealed with delight. Yay! Porter is walking! And then the next day ... notta. No steppin' whatsoever. And the day after that ... notta. This kid takes his sweet time with milestones, that is for certain.

About two weeks ago, around mid-January and at 15 months old, Porter really decided to go. And by go, I mean not walk, but run. He literally goes as fast as he possibly can, falls down, gets up again, and goes as fast as he possibly can again. Reminds me of his mama. I tend to go as fast as I can in life. And I fall down. A lot. But we always get up, don't we P? :)

Cheers to a new skill learned, baby boy.
And lots of bumps and bruises to prove it.