baby it's cold

Oh goodness I love January. And December. And February. And Spring and Fall are great too. Just don't talk to me about summer. Don't you dare. But maybe I'm okay with all of this cold weather stuff (unlike so many others) because I know what to do about it. Here is what you can do. In my humble opinion ... 

1. Take pictures. Taking pictures of anything automatically makes it 1,234 times better. Seriously. Try it. Your dog ate your couch? No biggie. Just take a picture. People will laugh with you. And cry with you. And then all will be good.

2. Grab all your blankets and throws and pillows and sprinkle them around your cold hardwood floors. It somehow makes it cozier. And messier. And just more fun. 

3. Drink an absurd amount of coffee and tea. All day long. And hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

4. Redecorate. Redecorate. Redecorate. And maybe even organize your spice cupboard. Things are gettin' crazy up in here. 

5. Make grilled cheese. With extra cheese for the kid. And extra extra cheese for you.

6. Wear slippers.

7. Give your dog a large window to look out of so that he can stalk squirrels. And bark at the mailman.

8. Let your kids make messes.

9. Chase the sunlight.

10. Play "this little piggy" 118 times. And savor those sweet little giggles.

Enjoy this beautiful, cold season.
It only comes around once a year. :)