teaching him young

And no, my goal here was not to teach him how to bake. Or how to frost cookies. Or how to sprinkle without using an entire bottle of sprinkles (we failed at that lesson ... see last photo). My goal here was to teach him all about that lovely little four-letter word.

You know, free.
Free is always the best.

And speaking of free, The Honest Company sent out free organic cookie mix with our last order. And boy were we excited. I went running into the kitchen to tell Dan exactly how excited I was. And he kind of rained on my parade by reminding me just how much other stuff I bought in order to get my free cookie mix. So really, "the cookie mix wasn't free, Tiff." Whatever, Dan. Next thing you know he'll be telling Porter that Santa isn't real.

But one thing is for certain ... 
It made for a great little activity on our snow day.
Plus, I learned that we do, indeed, own a rolling pin. Who knew.
Porter, you make me proud.
That is exactly how many sprinkles I would have used too.