mittens are the devil (according to porter)

It has been pretty cold and rainy here in Kansas City these past several days. So yesterday around 3pm when the baby was up and the sun was out, we headed outdoors to get some much needed fresh air. We were having a swell time, that is, until mama ruined everything. But that's our job, right?

Because Porter just recently got over one bad virus and is currently fighting yet another (noooooo, go away germs!) I figured I had better at least pretend to be a responsible mama and put a hat on the poor kid. But then I really went crazy and added some mittens to the mix. Although Porter is no stranger to stocking caps, this was his very first time trying on mittens. And this is how it went ...
What are these things?
And why can't I see my fingers?!
No really mom ... 
take these off now!
Are you listening?
Oh my gosh.
My life is over.
Quit chewing on that stick and get up and help me!
Maybe these guys aren't so bad.
They do match my hat, after all.
Nope, I was wrong.
I still hate them.
Get them off!
Crying is exhausting.
I give up.
Nope, I will never give up!
Get them oooooofffffff.
You horrible cotton things you.