happy holidays and an eight dollar dog update

Hello hello! Happy (late) Thanksgiving! And Merry (future) Christmas, just in case I don't blog for another month or so. Yikes.

We had a wonderful little holiday weekend and were especially thankful this Thanksgiving. The Joneses look pretty happy and healthy in the pictures above and we are now too, thankfully. But the days in between were a different story. On the plus side, we did get to spend a whole bunch of quality time together as a family, sleeping together in the living room for several nights ... Dan slept on the couch to keep a watchful eye on Sherman, our beloved dog who hurt his back. And I slept in the nearby recliner, holding our precious baby who had croup and a double ear infection. Oh the fun we had! ;) 

But let's talk about the eight dollar dog, shall we? Sherman hurt his back a couple of weeks ago (we have no idea how) and after numerous x-rays and tears from his overly emotional mama, we learned that a form of spondylosis was causing temporary paralysis. We were sent home from the vet armed with anti-inflammatory steroids, pain medication and a stack of literature on laser treatments and worse case scenario, back surgery. The next several days were tough. We could tell Sherm was experiencing a great deal of pain. He wouldn't eat or drink for the first couple of days and once he did start to eat, we then learned that his steroids were causing a stomach ulcer. He had two doctors working on his "case" and they were a bit stumped. They knew the steroids were necessary to get the inflammation down, but those same steroids were eating a hole in his stomach. They added a new prescription to his diet, similar to human pepto-bismol, to help coat his tummy before taking the steroid. 

And it worked!! Hallelujah! 
Our sweet Sherm dog is still recovering, but his stomach ulcer is gone.
He is eating and drinking normally.
And he can WALK! {insert multiple praise hands}

Sherman is currently on four weeks of "cage rest" (a three year old lab on cage rest- please pray for us) where he can literally only walk outside to go potty, then it's right back inside to lay down (on one of the nine extra-comfy beds we made for him) and rest his back. It sounds awful for a pup who loves to walk, and it is so hard for me to watch, but Dan keeps reminding me that four weeks of rest is nothing if it means he can walk normally for the rest of his life. We just continue to pray that he continues to improve without surgery or additional medication. But for now he is doing great and getting lots of extra kisses from Porter.

Life is good and we are truly thankful.
Now on to choosing a picture for our holiday card.
I think I'm going to go with this one ...
Love you crazy boys so much.
All three of you.