girls with boys

Several weeks ago I took a few pictures for my sister and her family. And then I made her take pictures of me and my family. And then I made Dan take pictures of me and my sister with our boys. I'm pretty good at making people do things these days. :) While scrolling through these pictures earlier this morning, my first thought was how lucky are we to have these sweet boys of ours and my second thought was my sister and I look nothing alike. But then I got about midway through and saw the following three pictures in a row ... 
The "don't waste a good smile until Dan counts to three" look.
The "start showing your teeth because Dan just counted to two" look.
And finally, the "Dan said three so smile so big you get squinty eyes" look.
We do this one a lot.
So I guess maybe we do look alike after all.
Now if Porter can just grow up to be as cute as his big cousin Jack ... 
it'll all be good.