breakfast buddy

There is just nothing sweeter than looking in our little green mirror in the kitchen and seeing this cute face. Sure, there are days when Dan comes home for lunch and I threaten to leave the house (sorry Dan). There are afternoons where I daydream about going back to work and mornings when I actually miss drinking my cup of coffee in silence while staring at a computer screen. Oh how I miss my color-coded Outlook calendar sometimes. ;) However, then I look in that little green mirror. And I see this sweet face and remember how incredibly lucky I am to get to stay home with this guy every day. I never miss a moment. And although some days I would give anything to have a moment to myself ... most days I remember that these are the moments. Right here with him. Laughing over spilled Cherrios.

And yes, Sherman ate all 28 of them before I even had a chance to say no.
Best vaccum ever.