birthday (yes, again)

I had yet another birthday yesterday. Those crazy things just keep coming faster and faster the older I get. I literally JUST had one. And here we are again. But that is a-ok with me because I kind of love them. Just a few highlights ... 
  • Gorgeous flowers from dan the man
  • Lots of snuggles with sherm, who is apparently obsessed with dan the man's shoes
  • Lunch out with my big sis (burgers, onion rings, beer, my kind of birthday lunch)
  • Bath and bottle with my favorite little guy
  • New "all you need is love ... and a dog" sign
  • Yummy dinner with dan the man (risotto, butternut squash, wine, my kind of birthday dinner)
  • Calls, texts and sweet little gifts from all my favorite people
It was another awesome day.