to the pumpkin patch

We probably picked one of the most ridiculous "fall" weekends to take Porter to his very first pumpkin patch. It was 80 degrees and it felt like 90 and all I wanted to do was wear my fall felt hat and tall boots and tote my baby around, all bundled up in an oversized jacket and sweet little mittens.

We settled for a scarf, some overalls and a onesie ... although the second we were done snapping photos, I stripped P down to his onesie + diaper for the rest of the afternoon.

So in honor of it finally cooling off a bit here in Kansas (I see 40s in the forecast, yippee!) here are a few more pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure. Cheers to this wonderful season called fall, or autumn, or whatever you want to call it.
Thanks for riding the cow train with me, P.
Just don't tell anyone how much fun I actually had on that thing.