around our home // birthday style

We had a little family get-together in our home a couple of weeks ago in honor of our brand new one year old. Dan was in charge of making three quiches from scratch, making Porter's birthday "smash" cake from scratch (more on that soon) and cleaning each and every window in our home. We only have 17 windows, no big deal. I was in charge of hanging up some pictures and filling little bowls with candy corn mix. Whoo hoo! Go me! ;)

So thank you, Dan, for coming to the rescue yet again.
I could not do this life thing without you.

And to Porter, next year I promise you can have a ninja turtle party or an elmo party or decorate our entire house with neon streamers if you dare. But this year you got brown party plates and white pumpkins for your birthday. Thrilling, I know.
Honey for the party favors. :)
No pony rides?!
What kind of party is this?
I forgot to take pictures of Dan's quiches.
So I told him he has to make three more this weekend so that I can update this post.
He is thrilled with me.
Until next year little home ...