cloth diapering

So I've been talking about writing a post on cloth diapers for about five months now. And now that I'm here ... I'm second-guessing the need to write this post at all. I should really be getting ready for bed instead. Or washing diapers. :)
But alas, here I am.
So here's what I'm going to do. 

I'm going to tell you to go read other blogs.

But really.
Why do the work if someone else has already done it for you?
That's my life motto these days.

Okay, enough with the Tah-Dah's. If you want to read some really great stuff about cloth diapering, check out these awesome posts by these amazing bloggers:

Now for just a few quick points of my own:
  • Consider buying used cloth diapers. I dare you. I spent a whopping $100 on Porter's diapers (diapers that he will most likely be in until he's potty trained). I bought RLR laundry treatment and stripped the diapers so they were just like brand new. We bought our 20+ used diapers from a friend and it was the best decision we have ever made. 
  • Our used diapers are BumGenius 4.0 Pockets. I absolutely love them. I also have a few of the BumGenius Freetime which I haven't had very good luck with. The inserts are sewn in (instead of pocketed) and they seem to slip around and cause leakage.
  • Put up a clothesline if you can. Drying under the gorgeous sun (whenever possible) saves time and electricity, and it truly does make everything white again. Hooray!
  • We started out using EcoSprout detergent but have recently switched to Honest detergent and love it even more. I prefer liquid over powder for some reason. But both have worked great for us.
  • I have two "sets" of everything so that while one "set" is washing, I can use my other "set" on baby P. For example, I have 22 diapers total but only use 11 at a time. Eleven of them are being washed while I use the other 11 on P (most people don't do this but I have found it helpful to always have at least 10+ diapers on deck).
  • I typically wash a load of diapers every other day and it truly is as painless as every cloth diapering parent will tell you it is.
  • Splurge on the Ubbi diaper pail if you wish. I can't say enough wonderful things about it. Like I mentioned here, it can be used for both disposable and cloth diapers (just put a regular trash bag in for disposable or a wet bag in for cloth).
  • Even though we knew we were going to cloth diaper, we started out using disposables to help reduce the amount of stress we would be taking on with our little newborn. Because, ya know, they're a newborn and they're STRESSFUL. Don't feel bad about using a few disposables in the beginning if you choose to do so.
  • We always have a few disposable diapers on hand just in case we need them. But I have P in cloth 99% of the time, even when we're out and about. I just make sure to grab my small travel wet bag and a few cloth diapers and we're good to go. Easy peasy. 
  • Consider cloth wipes! I'm not sure why, but a ton of people use disposable wipes with their cloth diapers. I started out doing this because everyone else was doing it (shocking, I'm a follower) ... but then decided to switch and I am so glad that I did. I bought 36 of these cloth wipes (three packages of 12) and always have more than enough. I love that you can just throw the wipes into the pail along with the diapers ... not to mention, less money and less waste.
  • Cloth is amazing for sensitive skin! We have had one heck of a time with Porter's skin (eczema, rashes, welts ... you name it) and cloth diapers & cloth wipes have been a life saver.
I never knew I'd have to deal with so much crap from these two. 
Literally. ;)


  1. People think I'm nuts but I want to do cloth with my future kids for sure! Thank you for this post!!! And for the other posts you linked. :)

    1. You're definitely not nuts! You'll love it Dee!

  2. You are my hero. That is all.

    Oh and I like that you said crap. ;)

  3. I agree, my hero too. I could never do this, so great job momma.

    1. Oh you could totally do it ... and don't forget you can bake pies and crap like that so you're my hero too. :)

  4. Hey Tiff. I'm finally pregnant and soaking up all the baby stuff I can. I have to ask this question...are you a stay at home mom? I'm just wondering if this is realistic for two working parents. I would like to try but also need to be realistic about our time constraints.


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