another project I did not help with

The picture above has nothing to do with the project I'm about to show you (other than we devoured these guys while working on it). But it got you here, didn't it?

Our most recent project took place in our backyard. When we bought our home almost seven years ago (7!) we did a ton of landscaping, backyard included. However, over the course of seven years, all but two of our backyard plants were destroyed by silly animals. Dan threatened to destroy those silly animals that destroyed our plants, but you all know how that conversation went. And if you don't, I'll tell you that it had the words "absolutely", "NOT" and "divorce" in there somewhere. Dan knows he can't harm a fly in front of me. So anyway, a little backyard makeover was long overdue. We just did a small corner and still have some work to do, but here are some before's and after's. 
Dan built, sanded and stained the pretty air-conditioner screen. Dan helped dig 20 some holes for the plants. Dan carried 20 some bags of mulch from the truck. Dan ate two donuts.

Sister-in-law helped dig 20 some holes for the plants. She helped carry 20 some bags of mulch from the truck. She ate two donuts.

Cousin Kemper watched Netflix movies in our basement. He ate two donuts.

Tiff took pictures. And ate three donuts. 

Tiff wins.
Just wanted to end on a good note. 
Donuts beat plants. 
Do not tell my sister-in-law the horticulturalist I said that.


  1. Looks great! Home improvement should always include snacks

  2. Beautiful......the landscaping and the donuts!!!

  3. Who can resist donuts?! Way too good to not eat :)
    Landscaping looks really nice! And don't forget, Sherm helped out back ;) lol

    1. haha, you're right! Forgot about Sherm's butt in the picture. :)

  4. haha, you totally won Tiff!

  5. Can your horticultirist sister-in-law come help us with our new rental house??? She and Dan did an awesome job. Tell her that I am willing to give her all the donuts that she wants


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