puerto morelos

Some good friends of ours recently got married in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Dan was nice enough to drag his crazy wife across the border and thank goodness he did. We had the best time. And even though there were a few tears leading up to the trip (and one extremely large, and I'm sure somewhat annoying, Word document left behind for Porter's babysitters) this little vacation was exactly what we all needed. I know, I know, you guys were right. My only regret is not coming home with more pictures. Don't get me wrong, I took pictures. But when I was looking through my 1,048 photos in the Denver airport (I'm not kidding- one thousand and forty eight) I found one of Dan and I together. So, I took another one. I'm pretty sure it's a framer. And I'm pretty sure I know that look on Dan's face. Let's just say my camera was promptly put away and the topic of photography was never mentioned again. :)


  1. Hot mama!! You guys are too cute. Love the pics!

    1. can you share where you got your hat?? I want one!

    2. Target! Pretty sure it had one of those orange clearance stickers on it. I love those. :)

  2. So so cute Tiff! You have got to tell us how you got back your body after baby! You look so great!


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