from my iPhone 3

1. Playing outside with leaves and sticks. All. Day. Long.
2. Porter typically wakes up for the day somewhere between 6:30 and 7am. If not, I send Sherman in to wake him up. 
3. His mouth is my favorite thing.
4. Crazy day yesterday at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Yes, I still have my iPhone hand-me-down. 
It still works great. 
Except when I leave my house.
And then for some crazy reason I can't send or receive text messages. So if you've sent me a text recently and I haven't responded, I am not a mean person. I am just cheap. Please try again. :)
I still don't have a data plan. I still only get Internet if I'm at home using our free wifi provided by Dan's employer. Thank you Dan's employer.
Yes, I still print out directions from MapQuest and take these in the car with me.
Yes, I am aware that it is 2014.
Yes, I need a new phone. And a data plan. And some counseling. 


  1. You're prob saving a bunch of $ though, ha!

  2. hahaha I love this! You are seriously the best!

  3. Oh I hear ya!! I didn't even have a smart phone until 2013!!!!!! It took me almost a year to even start really using ot its full potential!

    Porter's smile is the best - but those legs.....


  4. Two posts ago Porter still looked like a baby (although a grown baby. Is that a thing?) and in the lower left pic he could be 4!! Maybe because those thighs aren't visible there?!

  5. Oh that sweet smile! The best!

  6. haha, you crack me up! I love that phone post!


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