dear target

Stop it.

I really like my husband and would like him to stay married to me.
And I'd really like my son to get to go to college one day.

So really. 
Stop it.
This is when I said "Porter, do we really need this GIANT Pouf?"
He laughed.
So I took that as a yes. 

So now this giant marshmallow is sitting in our living room because we have absolutely nowhere to put it in our teeny tiny house. However, it was marked down from $70 to $20 and the whole "saving $50" got my head spinning and before I knew it this crazy thing had made its way into the cart with P. Honestly, I'm not even quite sure what you use a Pouf for. Do you sit on it? Do you prop your feet up on it? Is it just for decoration? Maybe I can use it as a dog bed for Sherman? 
Does anyone need a Pouf?

And just in case you want to go buy any of this other crap much needed stuff: 
On clearance for $7 in-store (from $13)
Salmon striped tote
On clearance for $12 in-store (from $25)
I'll be using this to carry in Porter's cloth diapers from our new clothesline
And to fetch my eggs from the chicken coup. 
But actually I'm not.
Dan really does want to get chickens.
On clearance for $20 in-store (from $70!)
On clearance for $18 in-store (from $30)
Dan almost didn't let me keep this.
I'll show you why soon. I might have a small problem.
On clearance for $11 in-store (from $25)

Did I mention this yet?


  1. your friend EricaJune 24, 2014

    Oh I hear ya sister! That store is dangerouss!! Never get a credit card from them! Or have you? It's even more dangerous! Love those totes!

    1. Ugh. Guilty. They got me just this year. But at least I'm saving 5% right?! :)

  2. Love all of this!! I can't believe you found all of this stuff on sale. Nice work! That salmon tote, I can't get to the link, I love it and want it!

    1. Sorry Carrie, I couldn't find the tote online. You might have to run to your local Target and check. A great excuse to go right? :)

    2. I found it!!! I'm not joking, I called our Target and they're holding it for me. Ha! Thank you!!

  3. No you stop it! haha What great finds!

  4. I want that Yellow Pouf! Unfortunately I'm in Canada and our Target isn't as good as yours so I'm guessing it's not $20 here...

    1. Want me to ship it to Canada? ;) I told Dan we're going to have to buy a bigger house so that we can keep the pouf. So that $20 might turn into a tad bit more.

  5. I love the Pouf! For reals! Maybe Auntie J can keep it! If I see it at the holidays I am gonna laugh!

  6. That pouf! Totally necessary

  7. I love the Pouf and what a great deal!

  8. Ahhhh!!! You need to STOP! I dont need any of that but now I'm convincing myself whiy we should make a quick target stop today. Grrr!


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