you know you're old when ...

Several days ago Dan asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. And I replied with "absolutely nothing ... having you and Porter and Sherman in my life is gift enough". Ok, so I didn't say that. But I did say "absolutely nothing" mainly because I am hoping that takes some of the sting away when he sees my upcoming Target credit card statement (retail therapy, people. it's a real thing).

So anyway, Dan asked me what I wanted and at first I said nothing. But then I thought of something (what woman doesn't think of something eventually). All I wanted for Mother's Day {weekend} was to go out to the arboretum with my little family and take a long walk in the woods and look at trees and flowers. So that's what we did. This morning.

And that, my friends, is how you know you're getting old.
Not to mention the fact that I'm blogging on a Friday night.

I hope you all have a great Mother's Day weekend!
Pet moms included. Totally included.


  1. Awww these pictures are so sweet!! Love that one of Porter smiling so big! such a happy boy! You look great Tiff!

  2. Your two boys are so good looking! Sherman is seriously the prettiest dog and Porter's smile, gah, love him!

    1. OOps will Dan fell bad if he's not included? ;)

  3. Awww, looks like so much fun! I guess you know I"m old cause I'm reading blogs on a Friday night? Haha! Hope you have a wonderful first Mother's Day!

  4. Oh I love it!

    Happy Mother's Day sugar! You have such a lovely family.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  5. Happy first Mother's Day! Glad it was simply celebrated...btw thanks for including us fur mamas in celebrating!

  6. Happy mother's day! Hope you have an absolute blast with your boys :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful way to to celebrate!
    Happy Mother's Day to you friend :)

  8. Looks like you had a really, really nice Momma's day <3

  9. It looks so beautiful out! Looks like a great time.

    feathers and ash


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