thanks boys

To Sherman, the best dog I have ever known ... thank you for making me a mama three years ago. Thank you for taking 1200 walks with me, for reminding me daily to relax, enjoy life, and have fun! Thank you for always being by my side no matter what. Thank you for being the best big brother and for being ever-so-patient with us as we try to figure out this new life of ours as four. I know it hasn't been easy and I know your life has changed dramatically, but I promise we will always be there for you and Porter will start throwing that tennis ball soon. Thanks for being my best friend buddy.

To Porter Gray, the sweetest little boy with the chubbiest little legs ... thank you for coming into this world on 10/8/13. The past seven months have been so fun and I love seeing you change and grow every day. Thank you for reminding me that family is more important than a clean house, sleep is more fun than blogging (sorry guys) and that love and patience make the world go 'round. Thank you for making me smile every single day and for just being YOU.

I love you both very much.
Thanks for making me a mama.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Tiff!

  2. AnonymousMay 11, 2014

    Being a mommy looks good on you friend! I've missed you!! So glad to see you face back on here again! Enjoy YOUR day! xoxo

  3. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Great picture! Sherman looks very stoic, like the wise older brother ;) xo

  5. This is such a cute photo! Happy Mother's day to you!

    feathers and ash

  6. So sweet! :) Happy Mother's Day!

  7. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!


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