sometimes when we get bored

Sometimes the days as a stay-at-home mama fly by. One minute you wake up and the next thing you know it's 5:30pm and Dan is walking through the door and there is a pile of clean cloth diapers sprawled out on the couch waiting to be stuffed and a highchair dripping in sweet potato from lunch earlier that day. Or was that from breakfast? Or was that from yesterday??? There are truly never enough hours in the day. 

Sometimes you get a day like this one.
A day when you put rings from a rainbow stacker on your baby's legs.
Because you truly cannot think of anything better to do.

Cheers to the weekend!
Cheers to husbands staying home from work.
And mamas getting to shave their legs. 


  1. hahaha. love it. cheers tiff!

  2. Hope he doesn't get any stuck on his chunky legs ;) xo Have a great weekend Tiff!

  3. I hear ya, momma! :) We played the rings as bracelets and anklets game just yesterday. Enjoy your weekend!


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