knock knock

Who's there?
Tiff who?

So I promise it was never my intention to just stop blogging for a month without telling you where I was or what was going on. I'm sorry for those I scared, but I am okay. And baby is okay. And Dan and Sherman are okay too. Yay!

My MIAness started with a horrible viral infection that lasted 18 days. I won't go into the glorious details but I will tell you I destroyed nine boxes of kleenex. And then the moment I got better, work got crazy. Remember August? Working seven days a week should seriously be against the law.

But, we're making it through.
And just in case you missed me ...

I've got some baby updates and some ridiculous bump pictures to show you soon. 

And just in case you missed Sherman ...

He's doing good.
Or at least as good as an $8 dog can be. Currently he's on Claritan and steroids to try and clear up some crazy skin allergies and we've made a few trips to the vet recently, but what's new? So we've been taking fun trips to the dog park complete with a giant lake to try and make him feel better. 

And just in case you missed Dan ...

Dan is Dan. He's still hobbying like crazy. His most recent adventures include a risotto cooking class (have you ever had fried risotto balls? Yum!) oh and he bought a metal detector. And he's also turning this baby stuff into a hobby too. He made me sign up for five different baby classes. Five! I've attended one. And retained nothing. 

Hope you all have had a great little August. 
Who's excited for snow?!
*both hands raised*


  1. I AM EXCITED FOR SNOW! Too bad we have to wait for Fall to pass first.

    I'm glad you and baby and Sherm...and Dan...are okay. ;)

  2. Glad you are ok! Last night I was reading some blogs when I thought about you... and realized it had been awhile since one of your posts popped up in my feed! Congrats on the 3rd trimester:)

  3. So great to hear from you! Love and miss you! (P.S. is it weird that I just said I love you??? I'm not a crazy person I promise. Well, now I sound crazy because I'm still carrying on, so I'll stop. I promise. I'm stopping now. Bye.)

  4. HI TIFF! I've missed you!!!! Glad all is well and four hands and 8 paws are up at this house for snow!

  5. Last night my guy and I were talking about a future dog possibility, and I said how much I would love a chocolate lab, but my exact words were "they're expensive as crap" and then he said "so is replacing furniture for two years.." so i will continue to live vicariously through you and Sherm, the love my life.

    Tiff, I most definitely miss you in my life. And I swear no one gets sick as much as you do. I'm going to start sending you oranges.

  6. That is hilarious about the baby classes...

    I'm so excited for snow! I can't wait. This will be my first fall and winter in Denver.


  7. LOL Gotta love baby classes. SO excited for snow but I want fall to take it's time :)

  8. YES BRING THE WINTER. PLEASE. I am about to put the dogs in the car and drive north until the temperature drops below 50º at least.

    And it's good to have you back, even for a touch-in post! Hope Sherm's skin clears up... that's no fun at all :(

  9. Oh HAAAYYY!! We missed you around these parts!

    Sometimes these little breaks happen unexpectedly. It's nice to know the internet waits around for you.

    I'm loving the update, aside from the use of the word 'snow' in a positive light. It can stay away as far as I'm concerned.

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your baby bump :)

    xoxo Jackie

  10. Don't you dare be wishing for snow! I'm so not ready for Winter. I need at least 6 more months of Summer- lol

    Glad to hear your break was just because you were busy and not because anything "major" was wrong! Your right though, 7 day work weeks should definitely be against the law

  11. So happy to read you're doing well, albeit just very busy. Give Sherm my best. I know the skin allergies can be an absolute pain in the ass, just one day at a time... Benadryl helps too. :) Look forward to more posts from you Momma!

    xox my best,

  12. So good to hear from you and so glad to hear that you, Dan and Sherman are doing well. (Well, you're kinda doing well. Accept for the whole being sick thing. And, well, Sherm is kinda doing well except for the whole allergies thing. But, you know, other than that!)

    Can't wait to see those baby bump pictures!

  13. I'm glad that you're back and healthy!

  14. Yuck to the viral infection...glad you are better!

    Can't wait for the baby bump pics....and I CAN'T WAIT FOR SNOW!!!

  15. Glad baby, momma, dan, and of course sherman are ok:) Who couldn't use a bit of a break from the cyber world.


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