some random facts and random pictures from the weekend

The weather this past weekend in Kansas City. Oh my goodness. I know I talk about the weather a lot (I'm like an old Kansas farmer). But this weather right here. Perfection. 75 during the day and low 60s at night. Our windows have been wide open and our nights have been restful.
It was so nice that I decided to take Sherman out to the "special dog park". This special dog park is about 30 minutes away and has a lake just for dogs. Okay, not just for dogs, but there were about 75 dogs there yesterday. And two kayaks. One of which Sherman barked at until they turned around and went the other way. That'll show those humans.
When I was at the grocery store Saturday morning, a nice young lady stopped me to congratulate me on my growing belly. Then she said "so you're having a summer baby?".
Uhhh. No ma'am. November.
"Oh. Wow."
Yes. Oh. Wow.
Dan folded the laundry. Two loads of it.
When your husband does this, you take a picture.
I'm on my third watermelon in three weeks. 
And speaking of watermelons ...
Sherman is starting to have a difficult time sharing my lap with his little brother. Whom they say is only the size of a spaghetti squash. Looks more like a watermelon to me. And speaking of watermelon (yes. again.) I'm off to go eat some more. Happy new week! Happy new month!


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2013

    Cute pictures! Sounds like a great weekend. Walter and I need to make a trip to Kansas to see you & Sherm. ;)

  2. I want your temperatures. And your special dog park. Sloan wants Sherman's partnership in the Eradication of Evil Objects, which includes scooters, lawn people, and kayaks.

  3. Love the pics! I got asked if I was due "soon" a lot...when I was still a loooong way off. Don't you worry! Just means that baby is growing healthy in there :)

  4. I think most people are prob insanely jealous of that awesome bump of yours! You are so cute!!

  5. Mmmmm... I just had some watermelon and it was VERY good. Now that I've just read about more watermelon, I think I'm going to go have seconds!

  6. haha. Love that you took a picture of the laundry. And that watermelon?! Omg that looks so good!!

  7. Ha! Watermelon sounds mighty delicious right now!! I feel like Brutus is starting to avoid my belly rather than try and be close to it...Eek, I'm worried he hates his sister already!

  8. Two things. First, Sherman is the luckiest dog alive. Truly. My dogs read your posts and want to come live with you!! Second, that bump is absolutely perfect!

    1. Oops. Three things. #3 ... I am seriously, no kidding, honestly going to the store right now for watermelon. Thanks a lot! ;)

  9. Watermelon is addicting. I can only imagine how addicting it must be when you are pregnant. :)

  10. 75, that sounds freaking awesome.
    we are having a heat flash or whatever, and im dying.


  11. You look so, so great. We got a uncut watermelon in my home right now!

  12. K, your bump is the cutest. I am also preggo, also due in November. I feel like I'm growing WIDE not FAR. K and somehow I haven't gotten to watermelon yet. We are stuck on otterpops over here. It's time to cut the laziness lol.


  13. Aw Sherman! Love him.

    This weather is crazy. But I'll take it. ;)

  14. Love that picture of him trying to lay on your lap! I can just hear him saying, 'hmmm what's going on here? Something is different...'

  15. Sherman is just too cute, and trying to share your lap, I die! My current craving, olive tempanade... Costco has one that is just delicious, I crave it every single day and can't wait for lunch to come around.

    Just wait till you get the comment, so you're sure you're not having twins? Ugh, some people need to get a filter! You look great girl!

  16. Craving the watermelon, too. (Obviously, NOT pregnant.) You look absolutely perfect!

  17. kara mooreJuly 02, 2013

    You look soooo cute!! November baby or not, you look adorable. :) That pic with Sherman is priceless!

  18. has Sherm felt the baby move while resting his head against your belly?
    I trust that he'll be the bestest big brother ever to your baby <3

  19. Watermelon sounds delicious. And even though he won't read it, go Dan! Way to fold that laundry.

  20. That Sherman sure is one lucky fella!
    Hope you all enjoy your 4th

  21. ha ha -- water melon -- it just automatically brings it up -- I am carryng a WATERMELON.... it is delicious. I could have one every day. Unfortunately they dont grow that stuff over here so that they make it quite expensive. And before I get poor on eating watermelons i better get poor on shoes or something ;-) YOU look gorgeous, girl!! Really! Can't wait for the first baby pictures :-)

    Have a lovely summerly week!
    Svenja xx

  22. Hi Tiff, this is Tiffany :) We connected awhile ago and I have still be reading and check in on you - but I don't always comment - sorry about that!

    I am so excited that you are having a baby - wonderful glorious news!! You look great!! Savor and enjoy every second - its truly the best thing ever, having a baby!


  23. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Is your maternity shirt from Target? I think I have the same one. :) I'm also due in November (with baby #2). Congrats!


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