highlights from chicago

Highlight #1:
Getting to eat breakfast with this guy every single morning.
And not just any ole' breakfast. 
Starbucks breakfast. Every morning!
Luckily my sister paid. Otherwise I would have been across the street at McDonalds ordering from the dollar menu.
Starbucks doesn't offer anything for a dollar. FYI.
Highlight #2:
Our amazing husbands almost blowing up the entire city of Chicago on the 4th of July. You think I'm kidding? 
I'm not. 
Highlight #3:

We won.
And I eventually let Jack down.
Right when he yelled "Aunt Tiff, put me down for crying out loud!"
Highlight #4:
Going to the "wawa" (water) park with Jack every morning.
I miss this so much. Since being back home, every day I picture him going down the slide or splashing (standing) in the middle of a little puddle. I hear his sweet little voice yell for his mama to come swing with him. I do. I think about it every day.
Ok, I'm going to start crying if I don't switch gears here.
And speaking of gears ... let's talk about cars.

Highlight #5: Jack getting a little red car.
And Uncle Dan the Engineer helping him put it together.
I die.

We put some serious mileage on this thing.
And Jack was such a responsible young man. 
He wore his seat belt the entire time and only got yelled at once for putting his hands and feet outside of the car.
Highlight #6:
Dining al fresco in Chicago.
I could do this every day.
Highlight #7:
Hanging out with family. 
My sister especially.
Love this girl.
Highlight #8:
Beaching it with my sweet little nephew.
More on that later. But this post is getting ridiculously long and Sherman is now trying to climb in our office chair with me. A chair that I barely fit in myself.
So bye. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2013

    I loveeee all these photos!!!

  2. What?! Starbucks doesn't have a dollar menu?! Shame on them! ;) These pictures are amazing!!! You are such a good aunt!

  3. Rachel LandleyJuly 15, 2013

    Seriously. Your pictures are always soooo cute! And you look adorable with your little bump!!

  4. Love the one of Jack standing in the little puddle. Precious! Looks like you all had a great time. Great pictures!

  5. Starbucks rock!! And so do you. Have a fantastic day!

  6. Aw these pictures are so sweet. Glad you had a wonderful time with you family. :)

  7. Jack is so cute!! And you my dear, that baby bump is just getting cuter by the day! I had no idea that was even possible. :) You look great and are as funny as ever. Love your posts and pictures!

  8. Cute photos, your nephew is too cute. And you look great!

  9. A. Jack just looks ready to be a nephew!
    B. Blowing up Chi-Town... Yep just a normal 4th!

    Happy Week!

  10. awwww, this makes me miss my little niece and nephew. what a sweet post :)

  11. Amazing pictures! And Jack has grown so much! I can remember some of the pictures you posted last year, and he still had some baby look to him. Now, you can tell he's getting so big!

  12. Jack's Aviators... I'm surprised nobody stopped to ask for his autograph while dining out. Such a little stud muffin. He really is going to be the best big cousin ever.

  13. You're going to be such a good Momma :) The way you dote over your nephew.... It's beautiful and he's a very lucky boy!

  14. AnonymousJuly 15, 2013

    Part of me wishes they would've blown up Chicago because, well, it would've been HILARIOUS for me to read about :)


  15. I can't believe how big Jack has gotten! He looks especially adorable with his baseball hat on!

  16. so many great highlights - great photos too!

    looks like lots of fun!!

  17. My gosh he is such a handsome little dude! Love his little red car, and so happy to hear is a responsible driver ;)

  18. I use a bronze craft paint, and then hit it with a heavy green wash. So far, no one has complained and I've gotten a couple of compliments.
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  19. Ah! Great photos! I just went to Chicago this past weekend for the first time and can't wait to go back! Beautiful place!


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