top dog {question mark}

So I know how much you all love Sherman. And who could blame you. But I'm here to tell you the "ugly" about Sherman. But first I'm going to start out with something good. I've told you about how Sherman gets to go to doggy daycare every once in a while and how obsessed he is with it. Well, a couple of months ago I went to pick up Sherm from daycare and low and behold, I was given the best news ever! They informed me that our very own Sherm Dog had been nominated for Top Dog and would be given this amazing award the very next day.

Now for those who don't know, Top Dog is a pretty big deal. The Top Dog gets a certificate and a ridiculous 8X10 photo of themselves which are then hung in the center of the daycare lobby for all other dogs and dog owners to see.

We were SO. PROUD. (I'm pretty sure every dog gets this award eventually)

That's the good news.
And then something bad happened.
Just a few weeks later I was back at doggy daycare, picking up our spoiled rotten dog. I proudly walked in to the lobby and asked, "Is my Top Dog ready to go home yet?" (after he received the Top Dog award, I was that annoying dog mom going around calling him "Top Dog"). The owner was sitting at the front desk at the time, and he casually said "Yeah, Sherman's ready, but I need to talk to you about something first."

My heart sank. I knew this couldn't be good.
Did something happen to my sweet Sherman, the Top Dog? Did another dog bite him? Was another dog mean to him? Did he get hurt by being too sweet?

"Sherman has been destructive."

Destructive?? HUH???

"Sherman has been tearing up pieces of our flooring and ripping off parts of the padding on our fences."

Destructive?? HUH??? But Sherman has never ever ever destroyed anything in his entire life.
Sometimes I hate photography.

Long story short, the story is true. I was informed that Sherman had indeed been destructive the last three times he had been at daycare. So the next question was directed to me. Sherman's mom.

"Has anything changed at home?"
"Do you know why Sherman might be acting up?"
"Do you know why this might be happening?"

I casually tugged at my yellow cardigan, which I wore in an attempt to help hide my protruding belly and I ... lied.

"No sir. Nothing has changed."

I'm not exactly sure why I lied. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't just say,"Well actually yes. I'm pregnant and I've been sick and maybe once or twice I had to tell Sherman to lay down and be quiet." Oops. But I lied to the owner and said "No sir. Nothing has changed. Nothing at all." And then I grabbed my destructive dog and ran to the car and ... wait for it ... I cried. 50% pregnancy tears; 50% I'm just a big baby. Wait. Maybe 80% pregnancy tears; 20% I'm just a big baby.

When we got home I told Dan the story through ridiculous pregnancy tears and said "Dan, Sherman is going to get kicked out of daycare!" and truly thought it was the end of the world. What did Dan do? He said "Oh Tiff, calm down. He's not going to get kicked out of daycare. It wasn't even his fault. Someone should have been watching him. Where were his supervisors?!"

I think we both might need to work on our parenting skills a tad before this baby arrives. I can just see us now ... five years down the road ... our sweet little nugget getting in trouble for the very first time.

The mom crying hysterically.
The dad saying "but it wasn't his fault!"
Good job, Tiff.
Good job, Dan.


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2013

    Awww congrats on Sherm getting Top Dog! I don't think Walter could ever do that...he's too crazy still. :)

  2. I just love Sherman so much! Destructive or not... he's got so much personality! :-)

  3. hahaHAHAHA. Seriously. I am laughing so hard right now. Not at you of course, because I'm sorry you cried (I cried every freaking day when I was pregnant). But you and Dan are just the cutest! And I absolutely love this story. I seriously just emailed it to my husband and daughter to read. :) :)

  4. Rachel LandleyJune 26, 2013

    Yay Sherman!! Nice work buddy. (on the award, not the destruction) And trust me, I am crying every single day now that I'm pregnant. It's crazy!! You guys will be great parents!

  5. I absolutely love this story! Poor Sherman is just restless and excited to meet your new bundle of joy! Maybe he's nesting, pulling apart pillows and flooring for a soft nest! :) You never know with our fur babies, but I do know you guys are going to be great parents!

  6. This is awesome. Winston likes to attack other dogs, so at least you have a friendly guy on your hands:) And the crying...perfect. I good irrational sob fest is good for the soul!

  7. This made me lol at work! I know how it is to be that dog mom!!

  8. Oh my lordy Tiff!! You seriously just made me pee my pants. I am laughing so hard. And not at you, but with you. :) This is such a great story and you told it so well. Love that Sherm Dog and love that you care so much about him. Those pregnancy hormones are something else though. I've heard dogs can definitely act funny once you get pregnant. They sense everything!

  9. haha. We still love you sherman!! And don't worry about those parenting skills, they will totally come naturally. No doubt you and Dan will be awesome parents. Oh and those pictures ... oh my gosh.

  10. HAHAHA Oh my gosh! That is the funniest! Poor Sherm! Being told he's destructive. Bad, daycare workers! Bad! Bad!

  11. hahaha that is funny!! at least you guys can tackle these interesting aspects of parenthood before your baby boy arrives :)

  12. ahhaha oh sherm! that is too funny! i loved you lied :)

  13. Oh my goodness, that made me laugh out loud! I would have lied, too.. by the way. They should keep their eyes on the dogs and then no one will be destructive! Too funny!

  14. I think that's why kids have both a mom and dad, mom to cry hysterically and over react and Dad to say, get up, get over it, you're fine...LOL.

  15. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry with you. First, doggy day care? Such a magical place exists? Please - sign me up! Or rather, sign Miss Shirley Anne up. But... she is certainly destructive. When we first brought her home she ate:
    1 clear Rubbermaid storage unit FULL OF antique National Geographic magazines
    1 wicker basket full of potpourri
    the blades to our electric carving knife
    1 pound of bridge mix
    assorted area rugs
    every blanket we've ever given her
    and... the handle and feet off of my electric skillet.

    They would certainly kick her out of doggy day care.

  16. He's a lab! Being destructive is in his job description!

  17. yep. what Taryn said. Labs have it in their dna to destroy things!

    Don't sweat it! :)

  18. oh my gosh Tiff, laughing soooo hard right now. You are so cute!! Love that Sherman! Who cares if he's destructive, he's cuuute! And you crying is the best (no offense). Pregnancy hormones are crazy, I feel for ya!

  19. Hahahaha I loved this. Someday when we have a baby our dogs are going to be feeling pretty neglected, they'll probably start being destructive! Oh wait, they already are! Haha your top dog is a pretty one though! And no worries you two will make great parents, just ask Sherman! ;)


  20. Learning how to deal is the hard part especially when you both have a different opinion! This is what life is like in my world errrday! lol

  21. Awww! I probably would have done the same thing... Or either cried and admitted everything right there!


  22. Lol omg! I totally agree with Dan, it's definitely THEIR fault for not watching Sherm. Obviously not his, he's perfect! ;)

    Sammy is very spoiled too, so I know when the day comes when we're starting to have kids, we'll have to be sure to give him attention since he's so used to being the center of it. I just know he's going to act out as well.

  23. LOL. I love this entire story -- the fact that Sherman is destructive, the 8 x 10 photo on the fridge, and both your and Dan's reactions to the whole thing. You guys are one amazing little family!

  24. Can you imagine the shit that is going to hit the fan with Rick is born? That's right, I just named your child Rick.

    I'm just kidding, Sherm is going to protect that baby and love him like crazy, I just have this feeling.

  25. Hahaha, I love this. You are too funny!

  26. This made me lol... He's quite the menace huh? I'd cry too and I'm not even pregnant! But then I'd definitely blame it on the lack of supervision!

  27. I love the humour you tell things with!

  28. Congrats to Sherman for his top dog award! And a little destructiveness never hurt anyone right? lol

  29. Hahahaha. This story wouldn't have been as good told by anyone but you. I agree...it's not Sherman's fault. :)

  30. Sherm is perfect in every way.....I am sure he was just testing his boundaries. Charis, Jessie and I still think he is one TOP Dog!

  31. hahaha! We all get destructive once in a while, right? Top Dog?! Heck yea!

  32. Oh, goodness gracious. Those daycare people need to chill. Don't they know he's just doing what labs do??? Tell them to throw all of their trash items in the pen with him, and he'll be substantially less bored =)

  33. Oh Sherm! I still think he's perfect!! I agree with Dan, who was watching him?!

  34. Hahaha! First of all, the picture of Sherman?? OMG!!

    Secondly, you are hilarious. Like, you made me laugh plenty hard at this post! xoxo


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