gettin' artsy

Dan and I have lived in our humble little home for almost six years now. And for the past six years we've spent the majority of our evenings outside on our patio. But somehow it took us six years to realize that there is a very large, obnoxiously bare area of siding on our house that is just plain boring to look at. So, we decided to change that. Of course, Dan wanted something he could build (he's so manly like that) and I wanted something that I wouldn't have to pay for. So we came up with the perfect solution. A free pallet. Free!
So first you take the pallet and remove all those boards and move them close together so there are no longer gaps between the boards.
This was Dan's job.
Sherman's job was to chew on the extra pieces of wood that his dad cut off from the ends of the pallet.
And of course, my job was to take pictures.
And drink lemonade. 
Once the pallet is assembled how you like, just grab your favorite color of paint and go crazy. This was also Dan's job. I get out of everything now by saying "but it might be bad for the baby". Muhahaha.
Then you can be creative and hang something fun on your colorful pallet. We chose this funny little angler fish that we found here on Etsy.
Kind of scary. Kind of cute. Kind of weird.
I kind of love it.


  1. I hope by "funny" you mean TERRIFYING. Although if anyone walks up to your outside wall in the middle of the night, they probably deserve it.
    Nevermind. Brilliant placement!

  2. Um I love this! Way to go Dan the Man :)

  3. That's adorable! And totally a project Ammon and I would come up with. But only once we have a dog to gnaw on all of our wood scraps. Only then.

  4. I love that pallet, it's ADORABLE!


  5. super cute! I wish that I had talent like that :)

  6. Nice work Team Jones!! I love it! And there is no "kind of" about it. ;) I hope you Pinterested the crap out of that one!

  7. Looooove this!! I am totally stealing this idea. Hope that's okay. :) Nice work Dan (and Tiff and Sherman). :)

  8. Oh wow!! Love this idea! Such a cheap and easy idea ... and that fish is awesome! Yes, kind of scary but so much fun!

  9. Um, what?! THAT IS FABULOUS! I love it!!! Way to be creative!

    Hi to the baby bump for me!

  10. Great gob! Cool fishy!

  11. haha, super cute! Seems easy enough too!

  12. I love this! It's super cute and really creative!

  13. AnonymousJune 11, 2013

    Oh you fancy, huh?



  14. I kind of love it too.
    And milk that "might hurt the baby" thing as long as you can, girl! :)

  15. hello i love this! and your dog is gorgeous i LOVE chocolate labs!


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