a little time away from the boys

Last Thursday, immediately following our ultrasound appointment, Dan and Sherman took off on a mini-vacation. Every year we go on a Jones family canoe trip. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go this year because of work (and because quite frankly the thought of trying to squeeze this belly of mine into a swimsuit is more terrifying than the thought of natural childbirth). So instead I took an extra long weekend to do absolutely nothing but clean, relax, shop and apparently cook. I know, I know. You don't even know me anymore. ;)

1. Made cinnamon swirl bread and didn't burn it. 

2. Bought a baby pool for the Sherm Dog. When Dan called me from the river to tell me that Sherman swam for eight hours straight the first day, I ran out and bought him a $10 plastic pool in hopes that he would think it was the river and not get depressed about being home. It didn't work. He's depressed. 

3. Used that crazy balloon up there as a "gender reveal prop" to help share the news with my mom that she will be getting another grandson. More on that later. 

4. Made cookies and didn't burn them.

5. Went shopping with my 85 year old grandma for fabric so that she can make a baby quilt for our little guy. You know how we talked yesterday about being decisive vs. indecisive? I was definitely indecisive. My poor, poor grandma. We looked at 428 fabric options before I had it narrowed down to three. 

6. Went shopping with my mom in search of anything and everything "gray and yellow". Which, if you haven't guessed already, will be the nursery colors. Surprise! Another surprise revealed. At the rate I'm going, I'm not going to have any surprises left for you once this baby comes. I'll probably tell you his name tomorrow. And yes, we know it. 

7. Made some ranch flavored roasted chickpeas and didn't burn them.
More on that tomorrow. 

Happy hump day friends!


  1. That fabric is super cute! Nice choice :) I love the gray and yellow theme for the nursery. And since I've had my little one I've been cooking like crazy...and I've always hated to cook. Maybe it's a maternal thing? Who knows.

  2. haha. Nice work on the "no burning" thing. :) Love love love those colors!!!

  3. I can't believe you already have the name! We went back and forth FOREVER!!! Can't wait to find out :)

  4. Duh, of course you have the name.

    Herman Jones.

    Well, I suppose Thurman goes just as well with Sherman...

  5. I haven't seen you in a week and a half and you are a brand new, domesticated woman!

  6. haha. You and cooking?! What?! This baby is totally doing crazy things to you! I really do love those colors. And that fabric is excellent. You did good, even if it did take you a little time. :)

  7. oh my. I never thought I'd see the day! That bread looks so yummy! And thanks for posting these pics on your blog. I don't have Instagram, so although I see them over there on your sidebar, I like the explanation. :)

  8. Can't wait to find out what the baby's name is going to be!

  9. haha. Love that you are cooking!!! Never thought I'd see the day. :) And that yellow and gray is absolutely adorable. Great taste! Oh AND that grandma of yours sounds amazing. We need a picture of her + quilt when she's finished. k, thanks. ;)

    1. P.S. You know his name?! Omg you must tell tomorrow!! Please please!

  10. Love the yellow and gray! (Also, want that flavored chickpea recipe!)

  11. Love the gray and yellow! Can't wait to see the quilt and learn the baby's name. :)

  12. You are turning into a kitchen diva... better back off a bit, you don't want Dan all of a sudden thinking you're going to be cooking dinner on a regular basis!

    I can't keep a secret to save my life. EVERYONE will know the second I find out I'm pregnant. So it seems totally natural that you would give full disclosure to everyone, as it's happening.

  13. AnonymousJune 20, 2013

    I need to take a nice long weekend to relax. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I love the gray and yellow.

  14. So funny that you're doing gray and yellow. We are too! Mostly because we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but also because I love that combo!

  15. Love those colors you've chosen for the nursery! Cooking up a storm! Proud of you lil Mama!


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