the lazy craving

I've had 21 people (yes, I counted) ask me lately if I've had any strange cravings, so I thought I'd better address this. 

Yes. I'm having one. 

I call it the "lazy craving". 
I crave movies. I crave television. I crave afternoon naps (naps!). 
I crave sitting on the couch while watching the thunderstorms roll in. 
I crave sitting outside with Sherman and staring at flowers for 30 minutes. 
I crave sitting in the sunroom while eating 92 bing cherries from a bowl. 
I crave sitting. Period. 

This is a new craving for me. I never used to enjoy sitting still and doing absolutely nothing. But lately it's all I want to do. So that is exactly what I did on Saturday. Oh and on Sunday. And thank goodness I got that craving out of the way, because at 7pm that crazy thunderstorm I was lazily watching caused our power to go out, which forced me to read a book and actually learn something. Lucky for me, I was able to remain seated. 

P.S. I'll get to the real cravings soon. Just have to pick out my top 15 first.


  1. I have that craving and I'm not pregnant... Hummm.... I wanna know what happened when you found out? And how did you break the news to Shermdog?

  2. kara mooreMay 20, 2013

    haha. Oh how I remember those days!! I seriously didn't move for weeks! Enjoy it ... because once the baby comes ... :)

  3. Oh Tiff. I love ya, lazy or not! And no power?! Is it back yet? That is like my worst fear!

    1. P.S. Just sent ya an email about dogs. You will like it. :)

  4. At least you have the excuse of being pregnant, I have that craving and I'm not pregnant, guess I'm just lazy ;)

  5. hahaha. Just take it and run with it!! Enjoy it girl, you're prego and need the lazy!

  6. I get cravings whenever I PMS, so I can't even imagine what pregnancy cravings must be like.

    I'd say embrace it ;)

    xoxo Jackie

  7. at least you can blame it on the pregnancy! ;)

  8. That craving sounds pretty fantastic to me. :)

  9. Those cherries look fantastic.

    I have an aversion to laziness. I'm hoping that aversion dissipates when I become pregnant, or I will be one tired, grouchy lady. Glad it worked out for you!

  10. Man....I was hoping for some strange food cravings! Though sitting is weird if you're not used to it. :)

    I seriously want some weird food cravings whenever I get pregnant. Is that weird? haha And also those 2am cravings so Ryan is forced to go out and get me something. ;)

  11. Sitting on the couch. I already crave that. ;)

  12. AnonymousMay 21, 2013

    I'm not pregnant and I have lazy cravings. :)

  13. Oh those cherries look delicious!! I would totally sit for 12 hours straight if you gave me cherries to eat!
    btw ... you look so cute in your previous posts! More belly pics please!! :)

  14. Sounds like all my sundays, haha! ...aaaand I'm definitely not nor ever been pregnant. But I can't wait one day to have that as my excuse :)

  15. I was the same way when I was pregnant! I slept 12+ hours a night with a two hour nap in the afternoon. I watched movies, relaxed, read books....it was the best thing! Now that E is here I hardly have time to do any of those things, so I'm grateful to have indulged when I had the chance!

  16. I craved sitting still my whole first trimester with all 3 of my babes
    My oldest is 14 and I still crave sitting still but unfortunately it never happens


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