the day Jack felt grass

And dirt. And leaves. And saw ducks and ponds ... and oh my goodness, this city boy was a country boy if only for one day. I've seen some gorgeous trees and flowers in Chicago, but there's not a whole lot of grass and mud on Michigan Ave. The cutest thing was when this little nephew of mine got mud on his hands. He turned them both palm up and just stared ... stared at that crazy brown stuff that had intruded his perfect little city boy hands. Then he ran to his mom to see if she could help. :)
Running to his mommy. 
I die.
Dan being an uncle. 
I die again. 
It was such a great little Easter weekend.
Come back soon, Jack. 
I'll teach you how to roll a mouse out of a dead snake with your mom's rolling pin. 
That's just about as country as you can get.
And yes, I did that.


  1. Ahhh these pictures are ADORABLE! Jack is cute.

  2. Ok, I'll bite. You MUST tell this snake/mouse story. Whaaaat?!?! Oh and that nephew of yours ... may just be the cutest boy ever. That one of him posing on the bridge- so sweet! You are such a great aunt!

  3. cuuuuute pictures!!! I have to get a nice camera.

  4. Love that little plaid shirt! My son wore one almost identical for Easter Sunday. Love these pictures!

    1. P.S. I want to hear this snake/mouse story too!!

  5. I can't get over his little pudgy perfection. I die too. Also, look how tiny his hands are! Those eggs look enormous when he holds them.

  6. Jack is so cute! you always take the best pictures.

  7. I am OH SO BEHIND on reading blogs, but I'm glad I clicked over to this one. What a stinkin' lil cutie... and Jack is one of our fave boy names (For many years in the future, of course!)

  8. Oh my! What a precious little man :)

    Now, let's get down to business....tell us about the snake/mouse stuff. Pronto!

  9. He is so incredibly precious! Love these photos


  10. I can't believe how big Jack is now!! Time goes by too quickly :( But this makes me super excited to watch Mia discover more and more that this world has to offer :)

  11. Jack is so darn cute!!! What a priceless little Nephew you have!!!Ok, you HAVE to tell us all about the snake and mouse thing or I might be forced to start an online petition! :)

  12. Cuuuuuute!!! Love that one of him on the bridge!

  13. Tiff, I caught 2 ringneck snakes and have them now in a jar. I can drop them by along with my same ol rolling pin. However, these 2 snakes are still alive. Would Sherman like some playmates?


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