what I learned from my trip to chicago

I learned that trains are slower than planes.
Which is one reason why we flew home instead of training it both ways.
That and I had Southwest drink coupons that were due to expire on the 31st.
Oh and trains are especially slow if you are delayed a few hours to begin with. But at least I had an awesome place to dance around. Union Station is amazing. And beautiful. And a whole lot of fun after three cups of coffee.
I learned that the dining car is the best car on the train.
And that if you wear sunglasses you can pretend like you are famous.
Or not.
I learned that Chicago is the most beautiful city.
Hands down.
Ok, so I already knew this. But I re-learned it.
I learned that shopping can be really fun.
Especially if you have a baby in your arms and an escalator to keep said baby content. Jack was proud as punch to be riding up and down that thing. Oh who am I kidding. I was proud too.
I learned that buying breakfast can also be really fun.
Not the whole "I just spent $9.80 on coffee and two muffins" part of it. But rather the whole "I just ate something other than ten cent oatmeal and fifty cent coffee" part of it. This was pretty exhilarating for a cheap girl like me. 
I learned that this little boy melts my heart
more and more
every day.
I learned that ice skating is impossible when the rink is closed for maintenance.
But there is always this awesome thing called walking. It's actually just as fun plus you don't fall quite as much. Well, Jack still fell. But at least I didn't.
Nana nana boo boo.
I learned that I take way too many pictures.
But we already knew that.
I learned that kids need two things to keep them entertained.
Ok make that one.
Which means Dan really needs to buy me a dishwasher before we have kids.
I learned that my sister can cook. 
She's gorgeous, she's smart, and she can cook.
If she weren't my sister, I would be jealous of her. Ok, so I am jealous.
And finally, I learned that no matter how many times I go to Chicago ...
no matter how much fun I have in Chicago ... 
Kansas City will always be home.

Unless, of course, I move to Chicago. ;)


  1. Dishwashers are good. I didn't have one either until I bought this house. You need a dishwasher. I'm on your side.

  2. Ooooh, I love your picture collage of Chicago. So glad you had fun!

  3. bahaha. I love your writing!! You make me laugh every single day. I have yet to visit Chicago, but now I must! Those pictures are amazing.

    1. Oh and where did you get that tan/pink scarf from??

  4. You always look famous!! With or without the glasses. ;) Adorable pics, I want that camera!

  5. We have a Union Station in St. Louis - but there is no train there...there is a Metro Link stop, though. LOL

    Love your photos! :)

  6. So glad you had fun! I have always wanted to go to Chicago and these pictures, cute kid and all, make me want to go even more.

    Keep taking the millions of pictures. If you don't...who will?

  7. haha. I seriously just spit out my coffee at you and Jack going down the escalator. Soooo cute!! Kids do love those things. Oh and the walking thing. nana nana boo boo. ;)

  8. I love Chicago, too! Such a pretty place--and I only when for Jen and Dave's wedding reception. I am ready to go back again. Jack is da bomb! What a cutie!

  9. Looks like a wonderful trip! Your nephew is adorbs!

  10. Love this post!! We visited Chicago a couple of years ago and I adored it there! But I totally understand what you mean, we're getting ready to leave NYC, and as much fun as I had, I am sooo glad to be going home today! :)

  11. I've always wanted to take a train like that! It HAS to be better than flying. I hate flying. It makes me sick and it's too small of space with lots of stinky people. haha! But a train, dining and space, plus you can be on your phone etc.
    Looks like you had an awesome time. :) I always love your photos.

  12. Eek!! Looks like so much fun. Laughing out loud at you saying nana nana boo boo to Jack falling on his walk(s). Such a loving auntie! :)

  13. A train! You are just like Carrie and Samantha on that Sex and the City episode...except way cuter and glamorous! Does the dining car server drinks, per chance??!

  14. I visited Chicago for the first time a few months ago for a conference and fell in love! I was extremely impressed by how clean it was. I can't feel your pain about the train being slow, but after 10 hours in a 15 passenger van, I've never been more excited to arrive at a destination before in my life! Can't wait for another excuse to go to the windy city :)

  15. My husband was just talking about how we should take a train to Colorado this summer just because. I'm not sold though...unless I sleep in the dining car since that's the best. Haha. Looks like such a fun time in Chicago and you are adorable as always!

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I have never been to Chicago but would love to go sometime. Hope you have a wonderful new years!!

  17. Chicago does look beautiful! Sounds like you had the perfect trip. Happy New Year, friend!!! xo


  18. Chicago looks like somewhere I would love to visit! I love the street signs and the light posts, so pretty. One day I will get to the US and be able to visit all these great places!

  19. You are so freakin cute! Especially in winter clothes. I think Chicago fits you well.

  20. Its very nice place na...You people are very adventureous,... Burun Esteti─či

  21. Very pretty photos. You are gorgeous and have a darling family. Thanks so much for visiting my blog A Little Dash of Darling

    I hope you visit often.

  22. Looks like fun, but like you said, what ISN'T fun after that much coffee!? :P
    Your sister is beautiful! She looks exactly like you...but also not like you at all!


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