it's a bird ... it's a plane ...

I love it when Sherman laughs harder than I do.
It's a ...

Survival Blanket!
For my car.
From Dan.
For my birthday.

And here I didn't think he was going to get me anything.
Hey, this is better than that dual flush toilet that he bought me for Valentine's Day two years ago. Although I do love a good dual flush.

But I'm not here today to talk about toilets.
I'm here to talk about some other stuff that I love. First, I love that you guys commented 94 96 times on that one post. So this weekend I will be giving 100 big ones to those crazy animals over at PAR. Yes, I'm aware that 94 96 does not equal 100. But Dan said I should probably fork over the extra $. Otherwise you guys might start thinking I'm cheap or something. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments and for playing my little birthday game. You know what else I love? A friend of mine that helped me give even more to the animals. Just wait until you see her cat. Oh my gosh. I now want a cat. And a goat. But that's a whole other blog post. You know what else I love? Free Target gift cards.
Take it away Cassandra ... 

Hello Coffeehouse readers! 
I'm Cassandra and this is my boyfriend, Derek. I love the above picture for two reasons.
1. It depicts Derek and I's relationship to a T.
2. It earned Derek the nickname, Sad Reindeer.
I would like to take this guest post to discuss the timely topic of  holiday memories. My personal top holiday memories to be exact. Now I know three is a nice round number that everyone appreciates for listing purposes, but I'm fully aware that you all have busy lives with your own favorite memories to consider, so I will be showing you my top TWO favorite holiday memories.

My Second Favorite Holiday Memory:
My Thanksgiving with Jimmy Fallon, Flo-rida, and The Fantastic Five
This holiday shout out goes to my Thanksgiving of 2012. Yes ladies and gents just two weeks ago I experienced what would become known in my life as my second favorite holiday memory to date. You see, I blog about these 25 goals that I set for myself in my 25th year of life. Goal #9 was to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person. This wound me up in NYC this past November 23rd with two of the most important people in my life, Derek (I didn't make him wear antlers) and my close friend Amy.
While in NYC I also crossed off two other goals. 
#5: Skate
I do a thorough analysis of whether or not you can consider: slowly gliding along the outer edge of an ice rink while grasping the railing for dear life, as skating HERE. Turns out you can!
#19: Hold a sign outside of the TODAY show
Spending Thanksgiving in NYC was definitely up there on my list of favorite holiday memories, but It can't compare to...
My Favorite Holiday Memory:

Santa's Keen Sense of Smell
One Christmas Eve when my siblings and I were very young, my mother let us all sleep in the same room. We were so giddy with excitement that my mother couldn't get us to bed. She was getting agitated trying to keep three children under 6 in control. It didn't help when my brother, who was potty training at the time, had an accident. After getting him in new PJs, mom was about ready to cancel Christmas. We pushed further though and asked her to check and see if Santa had come. She left the room and came back some minutes later with a hand written note. She told us that Santa had come, but he hadn't left any presents! Instead he left a note saying that he had come into house but had to leave because the house smelt so bad (as a result from my brother's err). Santa said that he would come back after going to the neighbors house, but would only leave presents if the house smelt nice. That was the year my brother almost ruined Christmas and when I became aware of Santa's keen sense of smell. Now I don't take any chances and my home smells like a wintery wonderland of ginger bread, peppermint, and pine every Christmas eve.
I know what you're probably thinking, Wow what an interesting memory to consider your favorite and decided to share with all of Tiff's readers. Yes, I know it is a unique experience to share, but it was during the holidays, I was with my family, and my brother, sister and I now laugh about it every year. And I believe that no matter how you celebrate the different holidays of this season what each holiday comes down to is spending time and laughing with the people you love. 

SO I would LOVE to spend more time laughing with you! If I haven't convinced you yet to hop on over to my blog maybe a $30 Target gift card would do it? I hope so.
Go follow Cassandra! 

So just go HERE, follow, and leave Tiff a comment saying you did!
Happy Friday!

You heard her the cat.
Head on over HERE to win that $30 Target gift card.
Winner will be announced one week from today.
Good luck!



  1. haha, cute! what a special birthday gift!! i totally love your hair, by the way! <3 have a great weekend!

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  4. Following!! I am so jealous she saw the parade and the Today Show in person, 2 things that are definitely on my list!

  5. Following. :) I love Target and I love family memories. :)

  6. Must. Get. Hunter. Boots. Now. You look adorable!! And great giveaway. Following. :)

  7. haha. My cat does the same thing with our tree!

    1. Oh and following. I think. I'll check. :-)

  8. I wander how your dog would react to a cat in the house. Will drop by her blog.

  9. oh is that a n outfit photo? ;)

  10. New to both blogs. Found your button over on my sister's blog. Can't wait to follow along!

  11. Well now that's a birthday gift you'll never forget! Hopefully you will never need it! :) Love Sherman laughing!

  12. Such a sweet post!! Sherm laughing cracks me up! Following now. I need some TarJay!


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