and the winner is ...

Happy Friday!
Everyone wins just because of that sentence right there.

So my birthday was nine days ago.
And I'm still talking about it.
But don't be alarmed.
This happens every year.
You can start being alarmed {and/or annoyed} if the b-day talk goes past New Years. Which it has. And it might. But I warned you.

I got some pretty awesome stuff for my birthday this year. Cards, Target gift cards, flowers, ice cream, money, wine, a survival blanket. Some awesome stuff.
But there can only be one winner.
My friend sent me this adorable little necklace ...
 all the way from San Francisco.

But she didn't win.
(sorry friend)
The dot painting won.
Jack won.
I mean really ... look at those dots. Perfection.
And now you could win by meeting a fabulous blogger. Not to mention, she does usually give something away at the end of her posts. She's adorable and funny and honest and fashion-blog-worthy and ... every time I talk to her, I have to say "Katie" seven times in my head first because (and it never fails) I always want to call her Lauren. You'll see why ...

Hi Coffeehouse readers!  I'm really excited to be here, but to be honest the idea of writing guest posts actually makes me pretty nervous.
Nervous to think that I have to come up with something really funny and creative to grab someone's attention.
Truth is I actually do think I'm kind of funny, but it probably isn't too well deserved.
So for the sake of not embarrassing myself, I'm sticking with sharing a little bit about me and my blog.
My name is Katie and I started my blog as a way to share my outfits with my sister Lauren and sister in law Lauren (hence the name for Lauren and Lauren). Which is kind of ironic because in high school I wore soccer shorts or sweatpants daily.  Fortunately for you I didn't document my fashion back in the day.
To be honest I thought that my sisters, along with my mom, would be the only ones who would read my blog.  I had no idea the kind of friends I would make, the blessings that would come from blogging, or the way too many hours I would spend on my computer.

But I love it.

I love sharing my ability to find cheap clothes and kind of wish it was my job.  That and I've always wished I was a backup dancer for a rapper or one of those Fanta girls.
But instead I am a third grade teacher.  Which I do like. Most of the time.

I love sharing the different projects I've made, like these infinity scarves or heart sweater.
I also occasionally make fun of my husband with either his constant annoying noises, or his lack of knowledge about anything fashion related.

And then of course sharing my love for sweets, clearance racks, and my complete obsession with Target.  (But is there any woman who is not addicted to Target?)

Plus I also have gotten pretty personal on my blog as I started sharing about my husband and I's journey through infertility.  It was scary at first but the support and blessings that have come from it have been far worth it.

And as cheesy as it sounds my favorite thing about blogging has been meeting people and making friends.  Something that I had no idea existed in the blogging world.

Thanks for having me Tiff!  I'm always excited to meet new bloggers so come visit me!

And as a little extra incentive to come and stop by my blog, I'm giving away some free ad space for January!  Just stop by my blog and follow via GFC and leave a comment that you did!

A free ad space on a blog with 1200+ amazing readers. 
You might just want to think about that one for a minute. 
I'm kidding. No need to think! Head on over there.

Winner will be announced one week from today.
Good Luck!

Winner of last week's giveaway was ... Amanda {Tales from a FAR}
Congrats Amanda! I will be emailing you.



  1. I want that necklace!! And all of Laur- errr Katie's clothes. :)

    1. Oh and I don't have a blog (silly me) but thanks for introducing me to Katie!

  2. I love Katies blog as well!!! It is on the Daily Read list for sure!!!

  3. Oh my gosh. How cute is she?! Love the gold btw. For Sherman?! So stinking cute!!

  4. I follow Katie and her cuteness!

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Katie. I love that she talks about her infertility journey and is so honest and open about it. I think that is just AWESOME!! Off to read some more. :)

  6. i want some dot art.
    i hear it's an upcoming wave of awesome in the art world.

  7. Cute picture from Jack!! Love it. And the necklace. And KAtie. She is the sweetest.

  8. haha. I'm the same exact way with my birthday! Must be us being cheap. Loving this Katie gal and her blog. Honest is a good word. And a good trait.

  9. What a great guest post! Love that she gets personal. So many people are scared to talk about stuff like that on blogs. I like to hear the honest truth! So I like her already. :)

  10. Me? Winner? No way! Love you. Mean it :)


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