you know you shouldn't blog when ...

... you can't think of anything to blog about.

So I was sitting at my computer last night. Trying to figure out what to blog about today. Remember when I talked about my phone? Well. This is another one of those days. Blog post #205. So apparently bloggers get "bloggers block" on blog post #92. And blog post #205.
Just fyi.

My plan was to take the day off. You know and nap (I don't nap).
But then I ate a rice cake.

And so, you get to hear about rice cakes.
I know what you're thinking. But I've heard it's a terribly long and ridiculous process to "unfollow" blogs, so stay with me.
So back to my rice cakes.
I have been eating these things like crazy lately. Like a bag+ a week. I even talked about them last week. Every night after dinner I run to the kitchen and grab my bag of cakes. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that these cakes kind of taste like cardboard. Except I get the caramel cakes. So they taste like sweetened cardboard. And if you call them "cakes" instead of "rice cakes" they taste better.
Plus I make them even sweeter with Dan's honey.
Don't worry. We don't write "Dan's honey" on every bear.

And this is as close to a recipe
as you will be getting from me.

P.S. I still need to post about Dan the Beekeeper, huh?
There's always next week ...


  1. You are so "sweet"!!!!!!

  2. Your dog is soo cute!!!



  3. Funny how even when we have nothing to write about it, we still want to write! I did the same thing yesterday. Although, this does look like a nice little snack. I love anything with a little extra honey on it.

  4. Thanks for sharing a recipe lol! Dan's honey on cardboard cakes! I see a cookbook centered around rice cakes on your future ;)

  5. haha what a silly post :)
    i enjoy "cakes" too... but the plain salted ones soo boring, right??

  6. haha - I love this. So much that I have "comment block."

  7. I used to LOVE eating the Carmel Rice Cakes...best ever when you want to pretend your dieting and eating carmel cardboard seems like the way to go. But now...I'm allergic to even those cardboards cakes..FML!

  8. I need some honey for my rice cakes!

  9. this is the best blogger's block post ever.

    also, I wish I liked honey because our friend is a bee keeper and gives us tons and tons of honey.

  10. lol- well now this is my kinda recipe! yum

  11. Best post ever.

    In all seriousness, I actually like rice cakes...if they're flavored.

  12. Oh Dan... tell him to send me some honey. ;)

  13. Hang on, I'm in America-land now! I need some of Dan's honey!

    Yes, writing that did just give me the creeps. How'd you know??

  14. I'm surprised my husband doesn't label the honey "Drew's honey." Haha.

  15. This is a post with many pictures of Sherman, so it doesn't really matter that it's also a post about puffed rice.

    I still want to try Dan's honey. Looks delicious.

  16. I am in love with Sherman! =) I want a Sherman of my own.

  17. Heheh. I love the writing on the honey. :P

  18. Once, a long time ago, I had plans on owning a chocolate lab....Then my ex stole those plans, and wouldn't you know, their names, too?! So now I have two Jack Russells and an adopted mixed Pit Bull...But, my point was, that Sherman is so cute! And that's a pretty good recipe, by the way! ;) -Jess L


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